Development Update

Oryx has been making some noise in more ways than one! In addition to Oryx’s Sanctuary becoming even more opulent, his new series of abilities are now up for grabs! And perhaps most excitingly for some, the winners of the Abyss speedrun event have been decided. Stay tuned at the end for that!

Oryx 3 Update

We don’t have too much to show right now for Oryx’s Sanctuary due to some much bigger planned news coming very soon, but we do wish to show some new art being created and implemented since what was seen in public testing.

Archbishop Leucoryx’s Cathedral

Agent of Oryx Abilities

The Agent of Oryx abilities can now be obtained by collecting Shard of the Intern stacks! As of now, you can claim them from the Prismimic present in a few dungeons, but you’ll continue to see more and varied drop locations over time. For now, we’d like to give our full thanks to the creators of these abilities within our community!

Cloak of the Darkened Sun
Design: Seelpit
Art: Aurum and Lily

Mad Javelin
Design: TLMaelstrom
Art: TLMaelstrom

Cursed Spire Spell
Design: Aurum
Art: Aurum and TLMaelstrom

Tome of the Tarnished Gods
Design: Seelpit
Art: Aurum and Lily

Helm of Exalted Might
Design: Geo
Art: Lily and TLMaelstrom

Brutal Buckler
Design: TLMaelstrom
Art: TLMaelstrom

Seal of the Battle God
Design: Lily
Art: Aurum and TLMaelstrom

Tyrant’s Toxin
Design: Atrapper and Geo
Art: Aurum and TLMaelstrom

Demon Lord’s Skull
Design: Sturky
Art: TLMaelstrom

Blacklight Artifice
Design: Sturky
Art: TLMaelstrom

Orb of Conquest
Design: Lily
Art: Aurum and TLMaelstrom

Prism of Shattered Light
Design: Seelpit
Art: Lily

Siege Scepter
Design: Aurum
Art: Aurum

Rage Claws
Design: Aurum
Art: TLMaelstrom

Design: Sturky
Art: Sturky

Chief’s War Horn
Design: Lily
Art: Lily

Abyss Speedrun Winners

The Abyss of Demons solo run contest has concluded and the entries have been evaluated. You impressed us once again, exploring strategies and perfecting your runs! Times were so close that you had us with our stopwatches in our hands!

Without further ado, here is the list of 25 fastest runners and winners of the Abyssal Trophy + a Demon Blade:

  • Andreasan at 00:26.040
  • Japan
  • Pronssia
  • PubHallDad
  • CrayKiller
  • T
  • Kelrocks
  • Maikaze
  • H
  • Mimighster
  • Pharest
  • Liinkii
  • RageLing
  • Sebchoof
  • Carpey
  • Kingged
  • Unicorn
  • Bisque
  • Cubeee
  • xRoMeWolvx
  • Zockerguy
  • PopeMatt
  • Nazoado
  • Nyyocom

Enjoy this unique token of your victory!

And here is the list of 25 consolation prize winners who get a Demon Blade:

  • Pentane (Just barely didn’t make it into the top 25. He used a frame-based timer counting to 30, instead of millisecond-based one. A few other runners were also using similar timers, but only this one affected the leaderboard. His corrected time is 00:32:77. Despite that, his run was amazing and Lady Luck smiled on him, as he was randomly chosen to win a consolation prize.)
  • ABearss
  • Albinum
  • BirdieOryx
  • DragnslyrN
  • Exen
  • FrankeD
  • Hishimiya
  • Homura
  • Itzchaboi
  • Kocho
  • Marvin
  • Noosdfaxf
  • Plethora
  • Pogris
  • Ra
  • Recently
  • RosieShy
  • Ryan
  • Schvy
  • Shadowfax
  • TipsBot
  • Unicoww
  • Veuder

You did great and luck has been on your side!

The rewards will be sent to the winners shortly. Big thanks to everyone who participated! 

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