Development Update

The fourth and final miniboss of Oryx’s Sanctuary has come out of the shadows at long last! But while he’ll be terrorizing you upon the release of Oryx 3’s grand dungeon, we also have some more urgent reveals for a whole host of upcoming abilities, as well as a brand new Exalt feature we think you’ll find interesting.

Exalt Update

On top of continuous bug fixes, stability improvements, and feedback changes, we are also exploring more and more new features available to utilize on Exalt. As of late, one addition in progress is a simple yet handy new interface option.

Work in progress preview

With this, you’ll be able to see the contents of bags, vault chests, and any other kind of loot container simply by hovering the cursor over it. This loot inspector feature will make it faster to peek at what you’ve gotten, as well as save some time walking over to secondary bags that may or may not have anything relevant to you.

Oryx 3: Chief Beisa

In past blogs, we’ve taken a look at Treasurer Gemsbok, Chancellor Dammah, and Archbishop Leucoryx. Now, the elusive fourth guardian of Oryx’s Sanctuary is ready to strike!

Chief Beisa

Chief Beisa may be a high ranking ally of the Mad God now, but the oldest throughout the realm remember him in a more noble light. Long before Oryx’s corruption into the tyrant he is today, he and Beisa were simple sparring partners in the lost kingdom of the Shatters. The life of a royal gladiator was unrelenting and often eerily lonely for Oryx, but he nonetheless considered Beisa a friend in their mutual desire for power.

Though the accolades of Oryx preceded him, Beisa was an accomplished commander himself. As Oryx’s ego sent him in a catastrophic downward spiral, Beisa observed the descent with great interest. Yet even in his deepest fits of madness, it was Oryx who approached Beisa in the interest of cooperation. Loyal to power above all else, joining Oryx’s regime in a position of great leadership was an easy decision.

Beisa now stands as the most sane of Oryx’s four closest allies. His steady hand, competitive nature, and unrelenting training make both him and his forces among the realm’s most elite fighters. To disrupt the unparalleled coordination of his troops is a monumental challenge, one only the most adept and determined heroes may find possible. Those who panic in the face of his tactics will not live to try again.

Agent of Oryx Abilities

To continue from the Agent of Oryx weapon and armor series, 16 brand new abilities will soon be obtainable through new shard drops, the Shards of the Intern! These items all focus on a new proc functionality we’ve created, allowing for secondary triggers upon ability use based on certain conditions. This allows for more depth to items, such as abilities having different effects based on one’s current HP or having chances to trigger bonus effects (or even drawbacks) on top of their base function.

In fact, this functionality isn’t even limited to abilities. We now have the capability to make any other type of gear respond to ability usage as well (either generally or based on specific other items) for supplemental effects. The possibilities are quite broad, so we’re excited to put them to their first major use in this ability series!

Agent of Oryx Abilities

Due to the high volume of items compared to six Agent of Oryx weapons and three armors, we’ll be offering multiple options for claiming what you want most. In addition to gathering 15 shards for a random item like past iterations, you will also be able to exchange 30 shards for an ability of choice at the Tinkerer. Based on past feedback, we wanted to ensure there is a definite way to get what you want even if the randomness of the lower requirement just can’t seem to go in your favor.

Lastly, our partnered content creators will be giving exclusive previews of these items in action early next week. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements and videos to see them for yourself!

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