Development Update

Greetings once again here in the Realm Exalt blog! There’s a lot of Oryx 3 news to get to!

Exalt Update

While we aren’t quite ready to share more thorough information on the next Exalt update, we do want to note that as bugs gradually get more under control, we have had increased time to focus on quality of life features as well. This includes additions such as a loot preview display of a bag’s contents by hovering your cursor over it, and a timer on realms to display how long a certain one has existed.

But there’s more exciting news in the present! At the time of this blog being posted, the first ever Unity public testing session is active! You can join now over the weekend to get a first look at Oryx’s Sanctuary, home of Oryx 3! We have a whole lot of additional information on the feedback thread, so be sure to take a look while PT is still up!

Oryx 3: Archbishop Leucoryx

In the past two weeks, we’ve met Treasurer Gemsbok and Chancellor Dammah, two of Oryx’s four closest confidants. Today, we come face to face with perhaps the most sinister one yet…

Archbishop Leucoryx

A master of the pure and the chaotic, Archbishop Leucoryx embodies the two-faced nature of Oryx’s reign. Unlike his peers, Leucoryx’s title is more than just fraudulent pomp. He was indeed an archbishop in one of the realm’s many religious sects before the Mad God overthrew such societal structures.

But his subject of worship was no righteous god. Leucoryx answered to an insatiable demon lord, devoting himself to enacting barbaric sacrifices and other atrocities. The archbishop became notorious as a claimer of lives, all the while his insidious propaganda formed a legion of shadowy followers.

It was Oryx himself who put a stop to this. In his time as a gladiator, the former champion slewed the demonic deity Leucoryx obeyed in a show of might. This caused no inner conflict for the archbishop, however, and he soon offered his life to Oryx in recognition of his superior strength. Never one to turn down abundant flattery, the Mad God enlisted him to influence the minds of his minions in a bid to strengthen their loyalty for all time.

You can face Archbishop Leucoryx right now on the testing server! That wraps up the blog for this week, so go join public testing if you are able and see Leucoryx, Gemsbok, Dammah, and the Mad God for yourself!

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