Development Update

Welcome to the new Realm Exalt blog! Now that Exalt has entered the open beta phase, we want to keep you updated as regularly as possible on everything going on regarding development progress, new content, and more! We will be posting a new edition of this blog every Friday going forward, so check back often to stay in the know and get some exclusive previews of what’s to come!

Exalt Update

The next Exalt patch is planned to release on the 29th, and we have a number of bug fixes and improvements in the works! Here’s what we plan to address in the near future.

  • Fix for thrown object animations (such as boulders from Suesogian) not appearing in the air
  • Addition of a dead character summary from the graveyard panel
  • Fix for the teleport cooldown after switching servers still applying to guild mates after the first teleport
  • Fix for two daily quests being able to be highlighted at once
  • Fix for the display of how many stats a character has maxed on the selection panel not being accurate
  • Fix for quest and player arrows not rendering properly
  • Fix for characters dying when nexusing
  • Fix for dragging an item from a vault chest and hovering it over an inventory slot while moving away would render that slot unusable until resetting
  • Fix for players being sent to fresh realms with no heroes to defeat
  • Fix for items not being able to be picked up and freezing in place if another bag is created on top while collecting it
  • Fix for trap tiles in the Undead Lair not rendering
  • Fix for 3D models issue with Dwarf Miner
  • Fix for Wall of Fame not displaying player names properly
  • Fix for Ground objects not displaying correctly, or at all
  • Fix for 3D objects sometimes not displaying texture
  • Fix for Skins consumed with another class not becoming available immediately upon use
  • Fix for ST Set Skin not disappearing immediately upon unequippin
  • Fix for Social Guild Tab and Guild Chronicle displaying everyone’s last time seen as the same
  • Fix for pet feeding not updating immediately after being fed
  • Fix for items being deleted when trading with a full inventory
  • Fix for minimap rotation breaking apart when rotating at specific degrees
  • Fix for cloth textures not rendering properly in the Login Calendar UI
  • A new refresh button to the server list
Here’s a little preview of that last one.

Oryx 3: Treasurer Gemsbok

Oryx 3 awaits in Oryx’s Sanctuary, and he’s not alone! Before confronting the Mad God himself for a final showdown, you’ll have to get through one of his four most trusted allies. Among them is…

Treasurer Gemsbok

Oryx’s rule has not been known to care for conventions of organized society like currency or pay, but this is not due to any personal resentment the Mad God holds. No, customs like these are perceived as a threat to his power. Never one to pay much mind to careful finances, Oryx sought outside expertise in his mission to collapse the realm’s formerly structured economy.

Treasurer Gemsbok, now a glorified hoarder, was once an opulent emperor in one of the realm’s many kingdoms of old. Most civilizations either dispersed or futilely fought back against Oryx’s uprising, but Gemsbok cruelly betrayed his people for a position of fiscal authority in the Mad God’s new rule.

Though he feigned legitimacy at first, Gemsbok was soon able to crush the remaining populations of the realm under Oryx’s so-called “taxes.” With nothing left to exercise power over, Gemsbok resides in a great vault of his ill-gotten gains. The treasurer may be stronger as a manipulator than a fighter, but you would be foolish to take this as a reason to underestimate him. Gemsbok’s cunning mind lends him more than a few tricks on the field of battle.

You’ll be facing Gemsbok and three other shadowy villains in the depths of Oryx’s Sanctuary soon! Over 800 Shield Runes have dropped from the latest events. Are you prepared to use them?

Feed Power

As we announced in a recent Reddit post, we have worked on revising the feed power values of UTs and STs to account for some inconsistencies and ensure the numbers match the general value of the item.

We’ve also worked to make sure there are still viable feed power options for the early game so the process of reaching at least a maxed rare pet is reasonably easy and efficient. Below is a full list of the coming changes (anything unlisted has not been changed).

Cumulatively, this adds 9675 feed power to the game!

Soundtrack Stream

If you’re reading this on the day of posting, we have a special treat! Spave, one of the OST creators, is going to be doing a behind the scenes live stream today! Come hang out to get some sneak peaks at upcoming themes and give him some community feedback! 3pm ~ 6pm PST today, Friday April 24th @!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first edition of this new blog! We will be using this regularly as a source of Exalt info, teasers, and some special content we think you’ll find interesting, so stay tuned!

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