Update: – Season 14

Development Update


With a small delay, Season 14 is upon us. This brings a new Battle Pass, Mission Tree, a new Crucible. We are also adding brand new shinies and the Party Finder is “finding” its way into the Realm of the Mad God. Group up with your friend! The April Fools Reskins are also being removed with this update. Happy hunting!

Battle Pass

You will notice in-game that the Battle Pass is running for 25 days. While the season will last longer again, we will have two Battle Passes during that time. The Season is ending in June.


Take part in our next Crucible Mode! You can once again complete Missions while having the Mode activated to receive additional rewards.

An ancient and terrible curse awaits those who brave this season’s Crucible.  Each hit you take will have an 8% chance to cause a swarm of eldritch scarabs to explode from your body!  This will cause the hit which triggered the effect to deal 25% more damage and inflict Bleeding for 5 seconds.  Thankfully the scarabs cannot tell friend from foe, and will also inflict damage on any enemies the swarm encounters.

Mission Tree

The new Mission Tree brings new rewards! The Mystery Ancient Chest and Ancient Chest are new rewards you can receive when finishing missions. Additionally, you can collect Ancient Scroll Tokens to turn them into a Mystery Ancient Chest.

Those Chests allow you access to the new reskins of the following items:

  • Dagger of Sinister Deeds
  • Bow of Mystical Energy
  • Staff of the Vital Unity
  • Wand of Evocation
  • Sword of Splendor
  • Sadamune


A new Season means new rare items to grind! Good luck!

  • Harlequin Armor Shiny (Credits: Geo)
  • Sentinel’s Sidearm Shiny 
  • S.T.A.F.F. S.H.I.N.Y.
  • Prism of Dire Instability Shiny
  • Deadly Keg Shiny
  • Enchantment Orb Shiny 

As always they will only drop on seasonal characters. 

Tomb of the Ancients Changes

We are bringing some smaller changes to the Tomb of the Ancients and some of its items. Please note that these changes also count for the recolored variants of these items.

Ring of the Sphinx – Now grants a 10% MP cost reduction ability.

Ring of the Nile – +4 Speed will be replaced by +4 wisdom. Additionally, the Ring now grants 75 HP and MP instead of 60.

Quicksand has also been removed from all passages

During this season, the following new emotes will drop in the Tomb:

  • Jackal Lord
  • Bes
  • Nut
  • Geb

Party Finder

The party finder is an in-game utility to allow like-minded people to easily group up together to play the game. The party finder also includes things like parties, party chat, party bonuses and party controls. The Party Finder interface can be found by clicking the heart symbol next or  by using the dedicated hotkey (Defaults to “L”). The party finder interface is split into 3 tabs. These are Join, Create, and Info.

  • The Join tab is where you can find all parties currently able to be joined directly or applied to. 
  • Search filter to search for specific activity types, servers, or party descriptions.
  • Parties that are public are immediately able to be joined and the button will say “Join”
  • Parties that are private are unable to be immediately joined and pressing apply will send the party owner a request that they can either accept or reject in the info tab.
  • Recommended requirements for stats and power level are listed below the description
  • The create tab is where party leaders can set the parameters of their party.
  • Required max stats will require anyone who would like to join to have at least that many stats maxed.
  • Parties can have a maximum of 50 players join/
  • Min Power Level will require anyone who would like to join to have their power level be of at least that value. Currently power level is derived from just stats but we will be expanding the system for items as well in the future. 
  • There are two options for activities: Realming and Dungeons
  • Descriptions have a 100 character limit and can be used for advertising your party in the Join tab.
  • In the Info section of the Party Finder is where you can find all party requests, party member list, and all general party interactions.
  • Unlike guilds and friends in the past, you will also be able to join other party members in who are in any location with the following exceptions:
    • Closed realm
    • Oryx Dungeons
    • Vault, Guildhall, Petyard, Daily Quest Room, and the Tutorial
    • Dungeons whose portals have expired


  • During certain events, players in a party may receive additional bonus xp, bxp or stats
  • The following commands are available for use within a party:
    • /p [message] to send a message privately to the entire party. A dedicated hotkey (Defaults to “U”)
    • /pinvite [player name] – Usable only by the party leader to invite a player to the party.
    • /pkick [player name] – Usable only by the party leader to remove a player from the party.
    • /ptransfer [player name] – Usable only by the party leader to transfer ownership to another player
    • /pleave – Usable by anyone in a party to leave their party. Note: If the party leader leaves or every one leaves the party, the party will be disbanded.
    • /pwho – Usable by anyone in the party to get a list of everyone who is in the party. The list is only visible to the person who used the command (like the normal /who)
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