Public Testing: Party Finder + Event

Development Update

Partying Realmers!

This weekend we will run another new PT and with it we will be introducing our latest feature called the “Party Finder”! Our party finder is like most you would see in other MMO’s but for those new to the system or would just like a refresher we will be going into further detail below!

The party finder is an in-game utility to allow like-minded people to easily group up together to play the game. The party finder also includes things like parties, party chat, party bonuses and party controls. The Party Finder interface can be found by clicking the heart symbol next or  by using the dedicated hotkey (Defaults to “L”). The party finder interface is split into 3 tabs. These are Join, Create, and Info.

  • The Join tab is where you can find all parties currently able to be joined directly or applied to. 
  • Search filter to search for specific activity types, servers, or party descriptions.
  • Parties that are public are immediately able to be joined and the button will say “Join”
  • Parties that are private are unable to be immediately joined and pressing apply will send the party owner a request that they can either accept or reject in the info tab.
  • Recommended requirements for stats and power level are listed below the description
  • The create tab is where party leaders can set the parameters of their party.
  • Required max stats will require anyone who would like to join to have at least that many stats maxed.
  • Parties can have a maximum of 50 players join/
  • Min Power Level will require anyone who would like to join to have their power level be of at least that value. Currently power level is derived from just stats but we will be expanding the system for items as well in the future. 
  • There are two options for activities: Realming and Dungeons
  • Descriptions have a 100 character limit and can be used for advertising your party in the Join tab.
  • In the Info section of the Party Finder is where you can find all party requests, party member list, and all general party interactions.
  • Unlike guilds and friends in the past, you will also be able to join other party members in who are in any location with the following exceptions:
    • Closed realm
    • Oryx Dungeons
    • Vault, Guildhall, Petyard, Daily Quest Room, and the Tutorial
    • Dungeons whose portals have expired


  • During certain events, players in a party may receive additional bonus xp, bxp or stats
  • The following commands are available for use within a party:
    • /p [message] to send a message privately to the entire party.
    • /pinvite [player name] – Usable only by the party leader to invite a player to the party.
    • /pkick [player name] – Usable only by the party leader to remove a player from the party.
    • /ptransfer [player name] – Usable only by the party leader to transfer ownership to another player
    • /pleave – Usable by anyone in a party to leave their party. Note: If the party leader leaves or every one leaves the party, the party will be disbanded.
    • /pwho – Usable by anyone in the party to get a list of everyone who is in the party. The list is only visible to the person who used the command (like the normal /who)

April Fools Day 2024

While we are in the last week of our Easter Event, the next Event is already around the corner! Please welcome the April Fools Event to the Realm. Fight the Glitch for some unique rewards, complete new Missions and give the Inner Machine a visit. The Event starts on the first of April.

Realm Event

Fight the Glitch during the whole time of the event! He has a chance to drop an April Fools Bag and a new Title!

Dungeon Event

The Machine will have a 1.5x XP and Loot Event active and additionally a chance to drop a Title and Mystery Mystery Skins.

New Missions

Four new missions have been added to the Mission Tree:

Mission NameTargetReward
A fool’s errand IKill Grand Sphinx, Hermit God, Sphere God and Killer Bee QueenApril Fools Bag + 10 Mystery Pots
A fool’s errand IIKill Rubber Ducky and Cool ShrineApril Fools Bag + 15 Mystery Pots
A fool’s errand IIIKill Giant Oryx ChickenApril Fools Bag + The Foolish Title
Glitch in the MatrixComplete “The Machine” 3xMystery Mystery Skin
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