Update: – Season 13

Development Update


It has been a while. Season 13 is arriving today and with it we are starting the Saint Patricks Day Event. Hunt the Leprechaun and prepare yourself for our Easter Event coming in the near future. Our April Fools Reskins already found their way into the game and wreak havoc. Collect the newest Shinys and more! The Spring Nexus is back in full display.

Season 13

Season 12 is coming to an end so it’s time to welcome the next season to the game. Reset your progress and go again! This time it’s all themed around Easter coming up very soon. You will notice that the Crucible Modifiers are the same as the last one. This is intended.

New Shinies are also here for you to collect!

Battle Pass


New Shinys

The following items now have a Shiny Version:

  • Wand of the Fallen 
  • Resurrected Warrior’s Armor 
  • Candy Ring 
  • Crystal Shield
  • Tome of the Mushroom Tribes

St. Patrick Day Event

The Green Leprechaun is on the run! Defeat all Red Demons and Ghost Kings to spawn him. Upon defeat, he will either spawn a portal to the Rainbow Road or drop a Pot of Gold. Additionally, he will be one source for Paddy Tokens. Turn the Tokens into St. Paddy’s Bags and claim some tasty rewards at the Tinkerer. The event will be active from 12.03 to 19.03. You can find 2 new missions for the event on the Mission Tree. Including one for Crucible Characters.

The Event starts and Ends at 12 UTC.

Dungeon Events

The following dungeons will have an active event during the whole time of the event.

  • Woodland Labyrinth (1.5x XP and Loot)
  • Fungal Cavern (Chest Event)
  • Crystal Cavern (Chest Event)

The following dungeon will have an active event from the 15th until the 19th.

  • Kogbold Steamworks and Advanced Kogbold Steamworks (1.5x XP and Loot)
  • Yellow Leprechaun spawns after the boss. 

All the dungeon bosses will drop Paddy Tokens.
15 Tokens can be turned into a St. Paddy’s Bag.
The Yellow Leprechaun will also be guaranteed to drop St. Paddy’s Bag to Crucible players.


Quest NameQuest RequirementsRewardsQuest Type
Sharp CloverSt. Paddy’s Bag x2Clover StarOnce per account
Rainbow in a pocket?St. Paddy’s Bag x2Sword of the Rainbow’s EndOnce per account
Spreading LuckSt. Paddy’s Bag x2Clover BowOnce per account
Chromatic SlashesSt. Paddy’s Bag x2Katana of Good FortuneOnce per account
Lucky PrayerSt. Paddy’s Bag x2Staff of the SaintOnce per account
Colorful TrapSt. Paddy’s Bag x2PainbowOnce per account
Leprechaun’s TrickerySt. Paddy’s Bag x2Rainbow RodOnce per account
Leprechaun’s ToolSt. Paddy’s Bag x2Prismatic SlasherOnce per account
Garments of FortuneSt. Paddy’s Bag x6Rainbow Rocketeer Pet Skin
Green Hat Bunny Pet Skin
Irish Dancer Trickster Skin
Mistral Druid Necromancer Skin
Miss Shamrock Wizard Skin
Mini Pot of Gold Skin
Leprechaun Mystic Skin
Leprechaun’s Walking Hat Skin
Once per account + Item of Choice
Feeling LuckySt. Paddy’s Bag x6Lucky Fourleaf Pet SkinOnce per account
Golden LuckySt. Paddy’s Bag x6Golden Lucky Fourleaf Pet SkinOnce per account
Call me lucky ISt. Paddy’s Bag x4The Lucky Title Once per account
Call me lucky IISt. Paddy’s Bag x4Leprechaun Title Once per account
Father LuckSt. Paddy’s Bag x6 + St. Paddy’s Bag x2Chibbi Leprechaun Pet SkinOnce per account
Counting CoinsSt. Paddy’s Bag x6Paddy Token x15 – x6Repeatable

April Fool Reskins

The following Encounters now appear as a Reskin version! 

  • Ghost Ship → Rubber Ducky
  • Grand Sphinx
  • Hermit God
  • Sphere God
  • Killer Bee Queen
  • Kogbold Expedition Engine
  • Oryx the Mad God – Giant Oryx Chicken
  • Jade and Garnet Statue

Forge Material Extenders

We will be adding four new consumable items to the game, which will allow you to raise the cap on stored Forge Materials by 200 per Extender.  These items are:

  • Common Material Cap Extender 
  • Rare Material Cap Extender 
  • Legendary Material Cap Extender 
  • Mythical Material Cap Extender

In addition, should you dismantle items in the forge and be left with excess materials, you will now be prompted to purchase enough extra space to cover it.  This means you can either expand your storage in advance or only when you run out!  In either case, you will now be able to hold onto more materials for all your forging needs.

Changes & Fixes

  • “Increase Projectile Size” Enchantment will now increase the hitbox of the weapon projectile.
  • Forge Chest has a drag-drop section similar to vault to keep items. The box is only displayed for items that can be kept in the Forge Chest.
  • The Wardrobe now displays a preview for player entrances.
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