Upcoming Event – Mardi Gras 2024

Development Update


The current season is still ongoing and soon we will transition into the next. Until then you will be able to take part in the Mardi Gras Event, running from the 20th of February until the 5th of March. Collect Jester Bells and Carnival Tokens and turn them in at the Tinkerer for some unique rewards.

Let’s have a look!

Dungeon Events

This Event is split into two weeks. During the whole time of the event, a chest event will be running in the Puppet Masters Theatre and the Puppet Master Encore. The theatre will give you 1 guaranteed Carnival Token and Encore will give you 2 guaranteed Carnival Tokens. Additionally, they will also drop 1 Jester Bell. 

Additionally, the following events will be active during the first week:

  • Undead Lair – 1.5x Loot and XP (Will drop 1x Jester Bell)
  • Ocean Trench – Chest Event (Will drop 1x Jester Bell)
  • Crystal Cavern – Chest Event (Will drop 2x Jester Bell)

During the second week, the following events will be active:

  • Snake Pit –  1.5x Loot and XP
  • Sulfurous Wetlands – Chest Event
  • The Nest – Chest Event
  • Advanced Nest – Chest Event

Jester Stick

When fighting monsters in our event dungeons, you have a chance to spawn a Jester Stick. Hit it until it drops loot. You will be able to collect some QoL and cosmetic items from the Stick.

New Missions

Two new missions will be added to Mission Tree. 

  • Complete Puppet Master’s Theatre 5x 
  • Complete Puppet Master’s Encore 3x


A toy chest?Jester Bell x10Buried TreasureRepeatable
CrystallizeCarnival Token x10Crystal of FortuneDaily
Dangerous tricksCarnival Token x40Thousand Shot
Prism of Dire Instability
Item of choice, Once per account
Agile acrobaticsCarnival Token x20Prism of Dancing Swords
Harlequin Armor
Item of choice, Once per account
Mask onCarnival Token x80Mask of Mucus
Mask of Lightning
Mask of Cnidaria
Mask of Anubis
Item of choice, Once per account
Carnival shenanigansJester Bells x80Fool’s Paladin Skin
Treasure Chest Trickster Skin
Item of choice, Once per account
Personal jesterJester Bells x40Jaco Pet SkinOnce per account
Behind the curtainJester Bells x60Superior Mystery Pet SkinOnce per account
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