Update: – Season 12

Development Update


The next update is upon us and brings you Season 12. Additionally, you will be able to access the Pet Saddle System, we are starting the Lunar Festival, and soon after the Valentine’s Event will start. The Player Entrance Effects can now be applied to your characters as well!

A new Crucible Challenge awaits you, new missions, and a brand new Battle Pass to complete.
This time around new Shinies will be released with the new season, so happy hunting.

We are changing how the 3rd Gen ST Tokens are distributed in the game. You can read all about it down below.

Season 12

During the whole season every week, a different Emote will be available from a Chest Event in the Lair of Draconis.

Battle Pass

Mission Tree



For this Season the following Shinies will be added to the game. As always, those items can drop from their normal drop locations. 

  • Midnight Star
  • Wavecrest Concertina
  • Staff of the Crystal Serpent
  • Coral Silk Armor (Currently only dropping from Coral Gifts and Standard Quest Chest. Will be added to Thessals Loot soon)
  • Experimental Ring
  • Sword of the Colossus (Replaces the Grey Shiny Version)
  • Scepter of Devastation (New Sprite)

Lunar New Year Event

The dragon lives under the realm, however at the end of the LNY, on the last days he might come and attack everyone in the Nexus. Players need to gather Dragon Coins in order to calm his rage and avoid the attack.

Starting after the release until 12.02 at 12 UTC the Lunar New Year Event will be in full swing. Collect Dragon Coins and Wooden Tablets to claim some new and special items at the Tinkerer.

Dragon Coins drop from the Sprite World and Ancient Ruins. Those two dungeons will also have a 1.5x Loot and EXP Event running during the time of the event. The Lair of the Draconis will give you three Dragon Coins. 

Additionally you will be able to complete Missions to receive the Wooden Tablets. The Moonlight Village and Lair of the Draconis will host a Chest Event during the time of the event with some very special cosmetics, emotes and event exclusive reskinned gear. 

The Appetizer will be active during the duration of the event.


Appease the Moon DragonDragon Coins x10Wooden Zodiac Mystery ChestDaily
Lunar ExchangeDragon Coins x20Wooden TabletRepeatable
Year of the DragonWooden Tablet x10Zodiac Dragon Pet SkinOnce per account
Rite of RemembranceWooden Tablet x5Zodiac Bunny Pet Stone
Zodiac Tiger Kensei Skin
Zodiac Ox Pet Stone
Zodiac Rat Pet Stone
Zodiac Pig Pet Stone
Zodiac Dog Pet Stone
Daily, Item of Choice
One with the MoonWooden Tablet x5Lunar Title Unlocker (Prefix)Once per account
One with the DragonWooden Tablet x5Dragon Title Unlocker (Suffix)Once per account
Impress the Moon DragonWooden Tablet x5Golden Zodiac Mystery ChestDaily

Golden Zodiac Mystery Chest:

Valentines Event

Starting on the 9th of February and running until the 20th of February, love will take over the Realm! The Gardener is going to invade the Realm giving you access to Belladonna’s Garden. But watch out. This beauty can be very deadly.

Collect Heart Tokens and Love Letters and turn them into rewards at the tinkerer.

They drop from the following dungeons:

  • Magic Woods: Chance to drop 4 to 6 Heart Tokens. 1.5x Loot and XP Event.
  • Belladonna’s Garden: Love Letter 1x. Chest Event with Gem of Adoration
  • Secluded Thicket: 1-2x Love Letter. Chest Event with Gem of Tenderness
  • The Shatters: Love Letter 2-3x Heart Token 3-5x. 1.5x Loot and XP Event.

Two new event-exclusive Blueprints will be available to be unlocked via the Tinkerer. The Perennial Cranium BP and the Hanagasaku BP. 

Lovers Craftsmanship50x SchematicsPerennial Cranium BPRepeatable, item of choice
Love Letter 20xHanagasaku BP
Garden HeistLove Letter 20xPerennial CraniumOnce per account
Blooming BudsLove Letter 20xHanagasakuOnce per account
EnvelopedLove Letter 20xLove Letter x5Repeatable
Brewing LoveLove Letter 5xEach Type of Stat Potion (SB)Daily
Sweetheart’s SurpriseLove Letter 10xValentine’s Goodie BagRepeatable
A Pet for My ValentineLove Letter 20x Little Fox Pet Skin
Sprout Slime Pet Skin
Mini ‘Odonna Pet Skin
Valentine Cupcake Pet Skin
Penguin Cupid Pet Skin
Once per account, item of choice
Love’s LaborsLove Letter 15xMystery Valentines SkinOnce per day
HeartstopperLove Letter 20xHeartstruck BowOnce per account
Dazed by our LivesLove Letter 20xQuiver of Dazing LoveOnce per account
Dress to ImpressLove Letter 20xCupid’s GarmentsOnce per account
Love UnlimitedLove Letter 20xRing of Unbound LoveOnce per account

Player Entrance

Introducing Player Entrances! As you all know, we are constantly working on new cosmetic options for players who might want to customize their appearance more in the Realm. Upon entering the Nexus, Realm, or any other zone, a special Entrance Animation will be shown. The unlock will persist even if your character dies. You just have to reapply it again via the wardrobe to your new character.

Once unlocked, you can apply the entrance to your character via the wardrobe.

Pet Saddlebag

As most of you are aware, we recently announced the development of the Pet Saddlebag. An additional Bag used on your pet, which will prevent items from being deleted upon death.

Based on your feedback, we have decided to restrict the Saddlebag in a way that it can’t hold any form of equipment. No Weapons, Armor, or Rings can be put in the Bag. You can save keys, consumables, skins, tokens, and more in it. Please be aware that the Moonlight Village Book and Pages cannot be stored in the Pet Saddlebag.

You can unlock a maximum of 8 slots on a Pet Saddlebag. After our latest testing session and based on your feedback, we decided to lower the full price of the Bag from 4850 Gold to 2200 Gold.  These slots can be unlocked by the Caretaker in the Pet Yard.

You can also get pet bag unlockers when fusing pets.  This will happen when the pet that will be lost has slots unlocked on them so the money spent is not wasted.  These unlockers can only be used to unlock slots on a pet that has no slots already unlocked, and once used on a fresh pet you will need to speak to the Caretaker to add more.

We will give you access to your first Slot for free by completing a Quest at the Tinkerer called “Pet Trial”. Go check it out.  

ST Token Changes

We are changing the way ST Tokens are going to be accessible in the game. You will no longer be able to directly drop them from dungeon bosses. The bosses now have a chance to drop a new chest called “ST Masters Chest”. This Chest contains all ST Tokens and you will be able to directly choose which ST tokens you want to receive!

Additionally, we are adding the ST Tokens for the Mad Minotaur ST Set and the Storm Shaman ST Set to this Box. 

We prepared a new Quest at the Tinkerer called “ST Tinkerer Deal” where you can exchange a Mythical ST Gem for 1 Chest!

Changes & Fixes

  • Changed the Description of the Seasonal Potion Vault Expansion. Additionally, the Item now Unlocks 12 Slots instead of 4.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling and disabling the Crucible Mode could result in equipped pet arcane styles going missing. 
  • Staff of Unholy Sacrifice no longer requires two items to be forged. It now requires 1.
  • The Halloween Reskin Wizard ST now shares the same cooldown with the base ST version.
  • The Shiny Sword of the Colossus (Grey Version) no longer can drop from Lost Halls. It is now replaced in the Drop Table with the new Pink Version. 
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