Update: – Month of the Mad God

Development Update


It is finally time to start the yearly Month of the Mad God! You will be able to take part in the Echoes of Destiny Event, unlock Enchantments, gain points for our free campaign, and later even fight the Advanced Nest!

So let’s jump right in!

Echoes of Destiny: A Hero’s Choice

This Month of the Mad God you will decide between four fighting disciplines. The first week will start with the Sniper Discipline and the next weeks will be decided based on voting on discord. So come and join us!

Active when MotMG starts:

Sniper – Kogbold Express realm event

  • Kogbold Steamworks (8) [1.5x Loot and EXP]
  • Advanced (Hard) Kogbold Steamworks (10) [Chest Event]
  • Undead Lair (3.5) [Chest event with Construction Gear]
  • Parasite Chambers (5.5) [1.5x Loot and EXP] – Echoes of a Mad God
  • Deadwater Docks (5.5) [Chest event with Construction Gear]
  • Mountain Temple (6) [Chest event with Construction Gear] – Echoes of a Mad God

Up for voting on Discord:


  • Lost Halls/Cultist Hideout/The Void (8, 7, 8-5) [Chest Event] – Echoes of Antinomy
  • Ancient Ruins (3) [1.5x Loot and EXP]
  • Toxic Sewers (3.5) [Chest event with Construction Gear]
  • Tomb of the Ancients (6) [Chest Event]
  • The Crawling Depths (5.5) [Chest event with Construction Gear]
  • Ocean Trench (5) [1.5x Loot and EXP]

Swiftblade – Echoes of Vindication in Hidden Interregnum Realm event

  • Moonlight Village (9) [Chest Event]
  • Fungal Cavern/Crystal Cavern (7, 7-5) [Chest Event]
  • Manor of the Immortals (4) [1.5x Loot and EXP]
  • Sulfurous Wetlands (6) [1.5x Loot and EXP]
  • Lair of Draconis (6) [Chest event with Construction Gear]
  • Davy Jones’ Locker (5) [1.5x Loot and EXP]


  • The Shatters (10) [Chest event with Construction Gear]
  • The Nest (7) [Chest Event]
  • Sprite World (2.5)[Chest event with Construction Gear]
  • Cursed Library (4) [1.5x Loot and EXP] – Echoes of Stone
  • Puppet Master’s Theatre (4) [1.5x Loot and EXP] – Echoes of Stone
  • The Third Dimension (6) [Chest Event]

During this time you will be able to receive Discipline Tokens in those dungeons for this week’s active Discipline. Which means for week 1, Sniper Tokens will drop. They have a 30% chance to drop. The Mastery Token drops in all of the above mentioned Event Dungeons with a 100% chance. The Tokens can be used at the Tinkerer for specific quests. Keep in mind they are only active during the week’s Discipline.

During the last week, all disciplines will be on focus and the Discipline tokens will not be part of the requirements for these quests.

Permanent quests

Hero MasteryMastery Token x 20Stalwart Token x2Sniper Token x2Swiftblade Token x2Magus Token x2Repeatable, Item of Choice
Kogbold CollectionMastery Token x 40Kogbold Collection ChestRepeatable, Item of Choice
Gift of CombatMastery Token x 40Hero’s CrateRepeatable

Morphing Quests:

Garments of MasteryMastery Token x 60 + Discipline* Token x5Aspirant’s PlateAspirant’s RobesAspirants HideOnce Per Account, Item of Choice
Tools of the Trade IMastery Token x 40 + Discipline* Token x5Hero’s Dagger
Hero’s Bow,
Hero’s Staff,
Hero’s Wand,
Hero’s Sword,
Hero’s Katana
Once Per Account, Item of Choice
Tools of the Trade IIMastery Token x 40 + Discipline* Token x5Hero’s Blades
Hero’s Longbow
Hero’s Spellblade
Morning Star of the Hero
Hero’s Flail
Hero’s Tachi
Once Per Account, Item of Choice
Engraved DisciplineMastery Token x 60 + Discipline* Token x5Path of the Stalwart Engraving
Path of the Sniper Engraving
Path of the Magus Engraving
Path of the Swiftblade Engraving
Once Per Account, Item of Choice

* Discipline Token will change based on the focus week.

More quests will be active but depending on the current active Discipline. So go check out the TInkerer once a new week starts! We will announce this in our discord.

Returning Rewards

There are certain Skin Collections that a lot of you liked in the past but which were unavailable for quite some time. We are bringing back some of them!

You will be able to get skins from the Stone, Kingdom,Antinomy and Syndicate Collection via our new Chest System that allows you to pick your reward.

You need to gather specific tokens in order to create Collection Chests. 10 of them turn into 1 Chest.

Echoes of Stone

Echoes of a Mad God

Echoes of Antinomy

Echoes of Vindication

You will be able to get Echoes of Stone from Chest Events in Cursed Library and Puppet Master’s Theatre, Echoes of a Mad God from the events in Parasite Chambers and Mountain Temple, Echoes of Antimony from the Void and last but not least, Echoes of Vindication from the Hidden Interregnum and the mercenaries during their respective event.

Aside from that, all Construction Gear except the Foreman’s Hard Hat will drop in some formerly reconstructed dungeons with Chest Events. While Foreman’s Hard Hat will be obtainable via Mad God Mayhem.

Heroes Weapon Set (T13 Reskin)

Each weapon type will get a thematic reskin, and will also grant players +8% XP when killing monsters. They are soulbound.

  • Dagger
  • Bow
  • Staff
  • Wand
  • Sword
  • Katana
  • Blades
  • Longbow
  • Spellblade
  • Morning Star
  • Flail
  • Tachi

They will be available via different means during MotMG. 

Free Campaign

During Month of the Mad God you will be able to take part in our Free Campaign to gather some free items! The Campaigns offers various Shop Items but also Skins of the Kobgold Collection, Aspirant Items and an exclusive pet skin and more!

In order to participate in the Campaign, you have to beat Realm Boss Encounters and Dungeon Bosses which drop Campaign Tokens.

Campaign tokens:

  • Whisper of Destiny (5pts)
  • Voice of Destiny (20pts)
  • Echo of Destiny (30pts)

Aspirant’s Item Set


  • Ring of the Stalwart
  • Ring of the Swiftblade
  • Ring of the Magus
  • Ring of the Sniper


  • Aspirant’s Plate
  • Aspirant’s Robes
  • Aspirants Hide


  • Aspirant’s Sword
  • Aspirant’s Dagger
  • Aspirant’s Bow
  • Aspirant’s Blade
  • Aspirant’s Wand
  • Aspirant’s Staff

This season and Month of the Mad God players will be able to acquire pieces of the Aspirant’s Set. These sets are made from a weapon, armor, and four rings. These rings represent different combat disciplines, Stalwart, Sniper, Swiftblade, and Magus. Wearing the weapon and armor with the rings will give you additional bonuses for that combat discipline.

In addition, we are leveraging the new enchantment system to add more depth to these items. Like the rings, four engravings exist matching a combat discipline, and these engravings can be applied to any of the Aspirant’s Items, weapons, armor, or ring. When applied to a weapon they will increase their damage and change the shot pattern based on which engraving is used. Armors gain a stat boost corresponding to the combat discipline, and rings gain additional effects. Players are free to mix and match these engravings as they wish, but the rings can only accept an engraving of the same type, for example, a Ring of the Stalwart can only have the Path of the Stalwart Engraving Applied.

MotMG Bounty

We are once again bringing back a Bounty! This time with the MotMG Theme. For almost every pack or bundle purchase over 249 Gold you will receive 1 MotMG Gift. When redeemed they will give you one of many items with a chance of getting the MotMG Treasure.


The full Enchantment system will be released with this update. It adds the ability to enchant tiered equipment with abilities of your choice to better help them adapt to your playstyle.

This is not the full, final form which Enchantments will take. As people may remember, the initial version was Seasonal only, which meant that items at the end game could become more powerful as they would be in Seasonal mode only. As a result Enchantments will evolve as the end game progresses, adding more powerful options as well as new items which can be enchanted. So Tier 14 weapons, for instance, might have more powerful stat adds, greater range, or just 2 slots to enchant instead of 1. As a result, your powers will improve alongside the increased challenge of the content as the endgame moves into new territory.

Balancing and Slot Costs

As noted by people in the release of the Engravings system, the cost to unlock slots was quite high. We were trying to balance them between the fact that we want them to be available for players, without making them too common until more content of Difficulty 10 has been released to avoid significant power creep. As a result of feedback, all slot costs have been dropped to allow more enchantments to be utilized, and will be reviewed as more content, such as the Realm Rework, adds places where Engraved UT’s and Enchanted items are required for efficient farming. 


The following items will all gain a single Enchantment slot.

Item NameTypeTierSlot Unlock Cost
Bow of Covert HavensBOWT125
Bow of Mystical EnergyBOWT1390
Bow of Deep EnchantmentBOWT14580
Cloak of Ghostly ConcealmentCLOAKT690
Cloak of NightmaresCLOAKT7580
Dagger of Foul MalevolenceDAGGERT125
Dagger of Sinister DeedsDAGGERT1390
Dagger of Dire HatredDAGGERT14580
Bloodshed BladesDUALBLADET125
Moonstone BladesDUALBLADET1390
Soulforged BladesDUALBLADET14580
Celebrant FlailFLAILT125
Divine FlailFLAILT1390
Gravelord’s FlailFLAILT14580
Acropolis ArmorHEAVYT135
Dominion ArmorHEAVYT1490
Annihilation ArmorHEAVYT15580
Helm of the Great GeneralHELMT690
Helm of the TribuneHELMT7580
Hydra Skin ArmorLEATHERT135
Wyrmhide ArmorLEATHERT1490
Leviathan ArmorLEATHERT15580
Longbow of the Endless SkyLONGBOWT125
Longbow of the Morning SpiritLONGBOWT1390
Longbow of the Midnight DiamondLONGBOWT14580
Skyward LuteLUTET690
Nebular LuteLUTET7580
Sovereign MaceMACET690
Grandmaster MaceMACET7580
Morning Star of RepentanceMORNINGSTART125
Morning Star of ConjurationMORNINGSTART1390
Morning Star of ReckoningMORNINGSTART14580
Planefetter OrbORBT690
Dimensiongate OrbORBT7580
Baneserpent PoisonPOISONT690
Necrofish PoisonPOISONT7580
Prism of ApparitionsPRISMT690
Prism of ReveriesPRISMT7580
Quiver of Elvish MasteryQUIVERT690
Quiver of the Autumn KingQUIVERT7580
Ring of Exalted WisdomRINGT590
Ring of Exalted VitalityRINGT590
Ring of Exalted SpeedRINGT590
Ring of Exalted MagicRINGT590
Ring of Exalted HealthRINGT590
Ring of Exalted DexterityRINGT590
Ring of Exalted DefenseRINGT590
Ring of Exalted AttackRINGT590
Ring of Unbound WisdomRINGT6580
Ring of Unbound VitalityRINGT6580
Ring of Unbound SpeedRINGT6580
Ring of Unbound MagicRINGT6580
Ring of Unbound HealthRINGT6580
Ring of Unbound DexterityRINGT6580
Ring of Unbound DefenseRINGT6580
Ring of Unbound AttackRINGT6580
Ring of DecadesRINGUT580
The Forgotten RingRINGUT580
Robe of the Grand SorcererROBET135
Robe of the Star MotherROBET1490
Robe of the Ancient IntellectROBET15580
Scepter of StormsSCEPTERT690
Scepter of the FirmamentSCEPTERT7580
Seal of the Blessed ChampionSEALT690
Seal of InvocationSEALT7580
Great Shinobi SheathSHEATHT690
Sonic Wave SheathSHEATHT7580
Colossus ShieldSHIELDT690
Shield of Orcish RegaliaSHIELDT7580
Doom CircleSHURIKENT690
Dynastic StarSHURIKENT7580
Bloodsucker SkullSKULLT690
Mindwaster SkullSKULLT7580
Elemental Detonation SpellSPELLT690
Burning Retribution SpellSPELLT7580
Spellblade of the SunSPELLBLADET125
Spellblade of the Heavens LightSPELLBLADET1390
Spellblade of the Everlasting DeathSPELLBLADET14580
Staff of the Cosmic WholeSTAFFT125
Staff of the Vital UnitySTAFFT1390
Staff of the Fundamental CoreSTAFFT14580
Sword of AcclaimSWORDT125
Sword of SplendorSWORDT1390
Sword of MajestySWORDT14580
Skyslash TachiTACHIT125
Sunset TachiTACHIT1390
Godslayer TachiTACHIT14580
Tome of Holy GuidanceTOMET690
Tome of Hallowed LanguageTOMET7580
Giantcatcher TrapTRAPT690
Depthchaser TrapTRAPT7580
Royal WakizashiWAKIZASHIT690
Virtuous WakizashiWAKIZASHIT7580
Wand of RecompenseWANDT125
Wand of EvocationWANDT1390
Wand of RetributionWANDT14580


Dust will now be dropped from all Exaltation dungeons at differing rates based on the difficulty of the content, not just Advanced Steamworks. The only color will remain Green for now, and the drop rate will be an average value. Seasonal players will receive a 15% bonus to the amount of dust dropped!


As there are a LOT of Enchantment options, here is a brief overview:

  • Stats can be added to all items, although which stats can be applied to what items depends on the item.
    • Weapons can add damage boosting stats like Attack and Dexterity
    • Armour can add defensive options like Defence and Hitpoints.
  • Weapons will have utility boosting options too, such as range, rate of fire, projectile size and so on.
  • Armours provide on-hit bonuses and status conditions.
  • Abilities provide large chunks of MP as well as Wisdom bonuses, and have on-hit effects which mimic the ability at no MP cost.
  • Rings are versatile – allowing for all stat bonuses to be applied to them.

Applying Enchantments

Enchantments are applied at the Enchanter NPC, located in your vault.

The Enchanter will be able to apply Engravings to any items you have on you or in your backpack which have slots.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Existing items from the list above will not have slots. Only items dropped or forged, gained from dungeon event chests & Tinkerer Quest Chests after this release can have a slot.

Opening the Enchanting menu will show the following:

1Item List – all items which can be enchanted will appear here. Only items from your worn inventory or backpack will be displayed. Vault and gift chest items will not appear, for example, nor will items on your other characters.The currently selected item will highlight blue, as shown here.
2Filters – when tiered items become enchantable, these will allow quick filtering and searching.
3Currently selected items are highlighted in blue for ease of reference.
4Dust – displays how much green dust you have available.
5Slots – this shows how many available slots the item has for enchantments.This item has already had a slot unlocked, which is why it shows the word ‘empty’, and can be cleared if an enchantment is placed into the slot.
6Enchantments – The list of enchantments which can be applied to this item will be shown here.
7Enchantments you have yet to unlock will show the price in Dust it takes to unlock them. If you have unlocked an Enchantment, it can be dragged into a slot or the Apply button can be used to do so automatically.
8If you want to know more details about an Enchantment, you can hover over it to see what the effect will be.

Enchantments are purchased per item. This means that if you have two weapons of the same type you will need to pay to unlock their slots and any individual Enchantments you want to apply to them one at a time. However, once you have bought them they are free to add, remove and swap as much as you like.

Advanced Nest

Introducing the Advanced Nest, similar to the Advanced Steamworks this is a harder version of the Nest that has increased rewards and some new engravings.

In addition to damage and health multipliers across the dungeon, the Advanced Nest also features a fourth family of bees. The green bees you will find within will be slower but more durable than the normal bees, and they will inflict Unstable and rarely Sick.

The Killer Bee Queen also features some new attacks and changes to existing attacks in order to incorporate this fourth bee family.

The dungeon will not be accessible at the start of Month of the Mad God.


Buzzing Bullets Engraving: Adds a burst of bee projectiles that deal 80 armor piercing damage each to the following weapons (Bogwood Crook, Pirate Kings Cutlass, Wand of the Fallen, Queen’s Stinger Dagger, Doku No Ken, Leaf Bow)

Living Hive engraving: Grants +60 hp and spawns small bees when you are hit that deal 115 damage every 0.4 seconds (Spawn cooldown: 2 seconds). Applies to the Lair of Draconis and Beeheemoth armors. If it is applied to a Beeheemoth armor it also grants +5 Speed.

Might of the Bumblebees: Grants +5 Def and +5 Dex. Applies to the Tomb of the Ancient  Rings.

Free Pack

Additional Mission

A new repeatable mission “Enchantment Essence” will be available in the currently active mission tree that will grant you another source of Green Dust. 

Mystery Key Pool Changes

We are changing some of the dungeon keys inside the Mystery Key Pool.

Common Mystery Key 

  • Pirate Cave Key
  • Forest Maze Key
  • Forbidden Jungle Key
  • Spider Den Key
  • The Hive Key

Rare Mystery Key

  • Sprite World Key
  • Snake Pit Key
  • Magic Woods Key
  • Ancient Ruins Key
  • Undead Lair Key
  • Candyland Hunting Grounds Key
  • Abyss of Demons Key
  • Cursed Library Key
  • Puppet Masters Theatre Key
  • Manor of the Immortals Key
  • Lab Key
  • Toxic Sewers Key
  • Haunted Cemetery Key
  • The Machine Key

Epic Mystery Key

  • Ocean Trench Key
  • Ice Cave Key
  • Davy Jones Locker Key
  • Cnidarian Reef Key
  • Crawling Depths Key
  • Parasite Chambers Key
  • Woodland Labyrinth Key
  • Deadwater Docks Key
  • Puppet Master’s Encore Key
  • Lair of Shaitan Key
  • Sulfurous Wetlands Key
  • Tomb of the Ancients Key
  • Mountain Temple Key
  • Lair of Draconis Key
  • Third Dimension Key
  • High Tech Terror Key
  • Secluded Thicket Key

Aspirant Exalted Mystery Key

  • The Nest Key
  • Fungal Cavern Key
  • Lost Halls Key
  • Kogbold Steamworks Key

Exalted Mystery Key

  • Moonlight Village Key
  • The Shatters Key
  • Advanced Kogbold Steamworks Key

ST Set

The latest new ST Tokens can now drop in dungeons. 

Kogbold Turretsmith Archer

Has a chance to drop from the 3rd Dimension, The Cultist Hideout and the Void.

Kogbold Pyrotechnician Wizard

Has a chance to drop from the Lair of Shaitan, The Cultist Hideout and the Void.

Changes and Fixes

  • Changed the name of the Legendary Mystery Key to Aspirant Exalted Mystery Key
  • Shiny Laser Pointer can now drop from the Boss. (We will discuss a potential compensation internally and announce soon)
  • When hovering over the “Buy” button in any shop interface, you will no longer see the item description in front of the button.
  • Fixed an issue where the MP cost for Scepters was incorrect when the player had the Robe of the Mad Scientist or the Coral Ring equipped.
  • Emotes now have a black outline around them.
  • Banned accounts no longer receive the “Account under Maintenance” prompt when logging in. They are now told that they are banned. 
  • Fixed several issues with wall textures missing.
  • Fixed an issue where the Guild tab incorrectly displayed that the player is not in a guild for a split second after rapidly changing tabs.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the social panel multiple times while the Leaderboard panel is active would create multiple instances of the social panel in the background.


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