Update: – Season 7

Development Update

Enchanting Realmers!

Please welcome the first iteration of the Enchantment System to the game, mainly accessible via the brand-new Advanced Kogbold Steamworks. Since we are approaching Month of the Mad God, you will already find some things that are related to this event during this release. 

New Season

Season 6 is officially coming to an end! That means season 7 can now start! Since this season will be active during Month of the Mad God, you will already see some new things like the Aspirants Items available via Missions. 4 brand new shiny items, the Crystal Cavern Leaderboard, and much more! Additionally, we are introducing a new bundle in the shop to the game, the Seasonal Pack, giving you a great start to the season!

Battle Pass

With the Month of the Mad God just around the corner, it is time to jump into our next season! A Hero’s Choice is our theme for said month but the season starts early! Have a look at all the rewards you can get from the Battle Pass: https://imgur.com/a/vAiXsFE

Credits for Art: @SaturnZCheery

Advanced Kogbold Steamworks

You have tested it before and now it’s time to take it live. For the players who do not know what this new version of the Steamworks is, here is a quick summary!

This advanced version of our current dungeon made changes to enemy behavior and added a brand new survival phase at the end. Additionally the enemies deal 25% more damage and have 15% more HP. XP and BXP rates are boosted by 90% and the loot is increased by 30%. The dungeon drops two extra greater potions, dust for the enchantment system, engraving chests and a new mark for a new, rewarding daily quest.

You will be able to access the Advanced Kogbold Steamworks after defeating our Train Encounter in the Realm or by purchasing a key in the shop. Don’t worry though, the Train Encounter drops a portal to both versions of the Steamworks dungeon.

Enchantments and Engravings

The first batch of items which use the new Enchantments system is here! These use a new type of consumable item called Engravings, which are dropped from the Advanced Kogbold Steamworks.

These will be dropped using the selection chest system, so when you get this new chest you can choose which of the Engravings you wish to receive. The list of Engravings for this update can be found below:

NameApplies ToDescription
Iron PlatingArmourIncreases the defense and puts an on-hit heal onto the item.
Kogbold SpiritRingsIncreases Hit Points and defense.
Heavy HitterWeaponsIncreased damage, and projectile size. The projectiles move slower but retain the same range.
Gatling ShotsWeaponsDecreases damage and projectile size. Also increases firing rate and projectile speed without increasing range.

Engravings cannot be applied to all items. Instead they will work with a select batch of UT’s, listed below:

Item NameType
Steam PipeWeapon
Laser PointerWeapon
Bow of the VoidWeapon
Diplomatic RobeArmour
Vest of Abandoned ShadowsArmour
Gladiator GuardArmour
Overclocking AmuletRing

Applying Engravings

To apply Engravings you will need to farm a new currency called Dust. This will eventually come in a variety of colors, and drop from multiple dungeons. For now the only type is green, and it will drop from the Advanced Kogbold Steamworks only. The amount which drops can be increased by playing a Seasonal character, and you will enjoy a 15% bonus as a result!

You will then need to take your items to the Enchanter in your vault.

The Enchanter will be able to apply Engravings to any items you have on you or in your backpack which have slots.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Existing items from the list above will not have slots. Only items dropped or forged after this release will spawn with slots.

Opening the Enchanting menu will show the following:

1Item List – all items which can be enchanted will appear here. Only items from your worn inventory or backpack will be displayed. Vault and gift chest items will not appear, for example, nor will items on your other characters.The currently selected item will highlight blue, as shown here.
2Filters – when tiered items become enchantable, these will allow quick filtering and searching.
3Dust – displays how much green dust you have available.
4Slots – this shows how many available slots the item has for enchantments. UT’s will only ever have one slot for Engravings.This area also shows the cost to unlock the slot, in this case 1950 Green Dust,
5Enchantments – The list of enchantments which can be applied to this item will be shown here.As this is a UT which can take Engravings, this list will be empty except for an entry for each Engraving you have on you which can be applied to this item. So, for instance, if I had two Gatling Shots Engravings, there would be two of them shown here. If I had none, or just an Iron Plating Engraving, this list would be blank.

Once you have unlocked a slot with Dust, applying and Engraving does not cost any further Dust. However, it will use up one of the Engravings you choose to apply to the item. And, this Engraving will then be permanently added to the item in question. You cannot swap it, remove it, or further adjust it, so be sure you know what you are doing!


A new season means a new Mission tree! You will be able to gain access to certain Aspirant Items early, but don’t worry. Those Items will be also accessible via additional sources during next month’s update. 

Aspirant’s Items

This season and Month of the Mad God players will be able to acquire pieces of the Aspirant’s Set. These sets are made from a weapon, armor, and four rings. These rings represent different combat disciplines, Stalwart, Sniper, Swiftblade, and Magus. Wearing the weapon and armors with the rings will give you appropriate bonuses for that combat discipline.

In addition we are leveraging the new enchantment system to add more depth to these items. Like the rings, four engravings exist matching a combat discipline, and these engravings can be applied to any of the Aspirant’s Items, weapons, armor, or ring. When applied to a weapon they will increase their damage and change the shot pattern based on which engraving is used. Armors gain a stat boost corresponding to the combat discipline, and rings gain additional effects. Players are free to mix and match these engravings as they wish, but the rings can only accept an engraving of the same type, for example a Ring of the Stalwart and only have the Path of the Stalwart Engraving Applied.

These items will be initially available in the upcoming seasons missions, and then will be more accessible during Month of the Mad God Itself.

Art Credits: Sorcerer

Seasonal Leaderboard

Starting on the 11th of July and running until the 25th of September you will be able to take part in our next Leaderboard event! Last time you had to speedrun the Parasite Chambers, now it’s time to do the same but in the Crystal Cavern! This event only counts in solo keys used by our new Seasonal mission “Swift Trials”. Finish 1 dungeon with a difficulty above 9 to receive a Crystal Cavern Solo Key. You can repeat this quest every 18 hours.


  • Place 1 – Hero’s Gold Trophy
  • Place 2 – Hero’s Silver Trophy
  • Place 3 – Hero’s Bronze Trophy
  • Place 1-20 – Name Color (Sent during next release) It will last until the next season is over.
  • Place 1- 100 – Amulet of Lightning

Pathfinder’s Pursuit Campaign

From the 11th of July until the 25th of July you will work together as a community to complete a certain amount of seasonal missions to unlock rewards.

Every completion of a mission awards you 1 point to the total score. 

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5


Tier 1:  

  • Backpack
  • Adventurer’s Belt
  • 5x Mystery Potion

Tier 2: 

  • 5x Mystery Potions
  • Lucky Clover

Tier 3:

  • 1 Backpack
  • Kogbold Necromancer + Kogbold Archer

Tier 4:

  • Adventurer’s Belt
  • 5 Mystery Potion
  • Kogbold Paladin + Kogbold Samurai

Tier 5: 

  • Lucky  Clover
  • Char Slot Unlocker

You can have a look at the current progress in our special sheet

Shiny Items

Additionally, In this season we have four new Shiny Items to farm. The Demon Blade, Fractal Blades, Plague Poison and Water dragon Silk robe. These can be found on Seasonal Characters at their normal drop locations, albeit rarely.

Kogbold Skin Collection

We are introducing a new skin collection to the game which will be available via events in the future. Credits: Coomie

Fixes & Changes

  • Updated difficulty ratings of several dungeons.
  • Fixed an Issue where Concentrated Soul Fire could not be used to forge Vigor.
  • Added a new Button to directly unlock all Battle Pass Milestones.
  • Emotes can now be used everywhere in the game. We added a new option in the UI to disable seeing Emotes during dungeon combat.
  • Updated the description of the “Guaranteed Stat Potion” mod.
  • Added new Mission Icons to the Seasonal Mission Board. Credits: Maggiemagius
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