Realm Rework News: Biome UTs

Development Update

Realming Realmers,

Triton here with another update on the Realm Rework, but first I’d like to address the elephant in the room and a question I’ve been getting a lot; When can we expect the realm rework to release / is Realm Rework coming during MotMG? The honest answer is that, no it will not release for MotMG and it won’t release until we feel that it’s ready so we won’t be giving a release window at this time either. But you can look forward to more Public Testing Sessions in the near future.

But now onto better news! Realm Rework has been steadily progressing since the last time we spoke about Realm Rework. Many of you noticed we briefly mentioned “Biome UTs”. We’re now ready to share some more info about them! As many of you have guessed, Biome UTs are powerful items that are rarely obtained exclusively from normal enemies and encounters within a specific biome.

Each biome (other than biomes in the rookie section) will have its own unique weapon, ability, or ring that will match the theme of the biome that they are found in. For example, the haunted hallows will drop a scarecrow-themed pumpkin summon while the Sanguine Forest will drop a blood-themed katana.

Mace of the Pumpkin Effigy

This mace has a decoy summon that will send out large waves of scythes when enemies come within range. The duration of the summon is reduced when enemies get near it.

Bloodbath Blade

This katana has a special proc that sickens the user and in return increases the player’s power based on how low their health is.

Adventures Scarf

As previously mentioned, not all biomes in the rookie area of the realm will receive an exclusive UT and instead, they all share this one which is meant to help strengthen weaker players’ defenses.

Although that’s all we’re willing to share today, rest assured the team is hard at work creating this feature for you and will be sharing even more information in the not-so-distant future.

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