Public Testing: Enchantments and Dungeon Difficulty

Development Update


We’re happy to introduce another round of tweaks to the Steamworks hardmode and the Enchantment system. Let’s start with the hardmode changes! You will find portals to Steamworks in the Nexus.

Dungeon Difficulty

To kick things off, we’ve refined the New Survival phase. Expect it to be even more intriguing and challenging than before. You’ll encounter diverse map changes and new elements like dodging drones on conveyors, along with more intense lasers. Be prepared to put your abilities to the test!

It’s worth noting that the hitboxes of the lasers may be glitchy currently, but we are looking into it.

We have also made some improvements to enhance visibility for terrain hazards in the mini boss area.

Lastly, we’ve adjusted turrets and some enemies to improve the gameplay experience.

As always, your feedback is very valuable in helping us fine-tune the feature. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!


We made some changes to the system once again! You were already able to test it several times by now and you know that we moved back away from making it seasonal exclusive. Like last time you will find some dungeon events running that will lead you to different kinds of enchantments. You will find some dust in the shop to make testing easier.

Let’s have a look at the changes:

Dust will now drop at the following rates:

  • Nest / cult – ~50
  • Steamworks / Fungal Cavern / Crystal Cavern / Lost Halls – ~100
  • Void, shatters, new difficulty dungeons – ~150
  • Engravings no longer have the ‘you must equip this to use it’ message on the tooltip.
  • Laser pointer Gatling Shots now drops the damage by 15% due to its AP properties giving it a huge boost when ROF is increased.
  • Slow projectiles now slow by 20% instead of 15%.
  • New graphics on the enchanter.
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