Public Testing: New STs and Void Event

Development Update


Half of the year is already over but the Realm Team isn’t stopping with more Testing Sessions! This time around we are going to take a look at the upcoming Void Event 2.0. Some changes to Moonlight Village and polishing. The Void Event will also be on testing but limited!
Also introducing the newest ST Set for Archer and Wizard. Please welcome the Kogbold Turretsmith Archer and Kogbold Pyrotechnician Wizard! 

Moonlight Village

Moonlight Village has gotten some minor polishing and bug fixes such as:

  • Sage’s Wakibiki, Flowering Kimono, Ethereal Happi and Kagenohikari tooltips are updated to reflect their effects.
  • Removed self-stun caused by fishing accessories.
  • Increased health and added stasis immune to loot and fishing chests.
  • Fix for Kaguya not having a final dialogue before starting her last word.
  • BXP added to the Event Shrine.
  • Fix for True Umi activation.

Archer and Wizard Generation 3 ST’s

Kogbold Turretsmith Archer

Kogbolds rely heavily on automated defences, and these are crafted by Turretsmiths. Testing these items out in the field allows the Kogbolds to determine which designs will better help in keeping pesky adventurers out of the Steamworks.

This set focuses on Wisdom and Defence. Defence allows the Turretsmith to tank a few hits as they get into position to deploy the Sentry Turret, while the Wisdom keeps their MP high to redeploy it as needed.


Experimental Cannon

  • A variant Longbow which fires 3 shots in a V formation.
  • Good for sweeping minions out of the way to create a ‘landing zone’ for turret deployment.

Sentry Turret

  • Deploys one of three Sentry Turrets to support the DPS of the cannon in different ways.
    • The Gun turret fires rapidly at long range.
    • The Flail turret creates a zone of area denial with its spinning chains.
    • The Heavy turret fires a trio of damaging shots are close-range targets.
  • All of the turrets can be upgraded by combining them with other gear in the set.

Tinkerers Apron

  • Provides a chunk of the MP and Defence for the set.
  • Also adds a small speed boost to aid with getting to the right place to deploy your turrets.

Targeting Monocular

  • Adds further Defence as well as HP.
  • A useful ring for tanking classes, but combines well with the set to keep the Turretsmith alive and fighting.

Kogbold Pyrotechnician Wizard

All those fancy turrets, trains and battle mechs fire bullets and explosives, and the Pyrotechnicians are always looking to find ways to make these ever more deadly. Some get a little too into this particular role, and need to take a little trip outside the Steamworks while fires are put out and machinery repaired.

This set focuses on rapid, indiscriminate damage. It boosts Dexterity over Attack, allowing for a constant stream of fire from the weapon while filling areas with sparks and flames from the Unstable Firework spell.

Rocket Launcher

  • A Spellblade which can create a constant stream of attacks when the full set is worn.
  • The attack pattern weaves slightly, creating a cone of constant damage ahead of the player.

Unstable Firework

  • Places the Unstable Firework spell which releases novas and grenades.
  • The overlapping fire pattern fill an area with damage while ensuring at least one shot always passes back through the target square.

Blast Proof Robes

  • Adds both Dexterity and Defence to the set
  • A good set of robes which get better when combined with other set items to buff the rate of fire.

Lucky Grenade

  • A hybrid Dexterity and Health ring.
  • When worn with the Unstable Firework, it will release a shower of sparks when the ability is used.

ST Campaign

Void Event

Something you all asked for a lot in the past months, is the Void Event. So we decided to host it once again. That means Remnants of the Void is back. Lets have a closer look: (The Nexus might also appear in a Void Theme)

In the Realm you will be able to fight the Void Heralds. Additionally, two Remnants of the Void Portals will spawn. Those Portals will always spawn with the following mods:

  • Weak Boss III : Boss has 45% less HP.
  • Tame Boss IV : Boss inflicts 32% less damage.
  • Weak Minions III: Minions have 40% less HP.
  • Tame Minions III: Minions inflict 32% less damage.

The Remnant of the Void Dungeon drops 1 guaranteed token to be used for special quests at the tinkerer. More about those once the Event goes live.

The following Dungeon Mods will be active during the testing session:

The Void: Will always spawn with a 1.5x Loot and EXP and drop 2 Event Tokens.

Deadwater Docks: Will always spawn with a 1.5x Loot and EXP and has a 40% chance to spawn a Remnant of the Void Portal.

The Crawling Depths: Will always spawn with a 1.5x Loot and EXP and has a 25% chance to spawn a Remnant of the Void Portal.

New Void Mission

As an addition to the Void 2023 event. We are adding an additional mission to the season 6 mission tree. In order to fully test this, please make some progress with your missions until tomorrow when we make some changes. In case of bugs or problems, please as always let us know.

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