Update – Season 6 Arrives

Development Update


It’s time for the next update. The current season is coming to an end which means the next one is just around the corner. We are also taking the O3 changes (that you already tested during our public testing session) live. A new season means a new Battle Pass and a new set of Missions. You can find all information about them down below.

Battle Pass

The Sinister Omen Battle Pass will be available with our next update. You will be able to collect Celestial Stones which can be turned in at the Tinkerer for some special rewards. 

Full view of the Battle Pass: https://imgur.com/a/aDadVGB (sorting might be incorrect).


Quest NameQuest RequirementsRewardsQuest Type
Exquisite Celestial GarmentsCelestial Stone x100Forsythia Chihuahua Sorcerer Skin
Primula Greyhound Kensei Skin 
Celestial GarmentsCelestial Stone x10 Plague Summoner Skin 
Bone Blade Ninja Skin 
Spectral Mystic Skin 
Cryophenix Pet Skin 
Spectral Raven Pet Skin 
Celestial ExpressionsCelestial Stone x5Dodge Emote 
Portal Emote 
Mixture Emote 
Surprise Emote
Celestial ChangeCelestial Stone x10Celestial Stone x5
Celestial Stone x5


With a new season, come new Missions. Additionally, we are introducing Missions where you can directly choose the reward. This is mainly to prevent you from having to turn in 14 chests at the tinkerer. 

Solo Parasite Chamber Leaderboard

Dungeon Explorer V will give you access to a Solo Parasite Chambers Key. This Mission is repeatable so you can run the dungeon several times. You will only be able to use the Key in your Vault. During the whole duration of Season 6, a Leaderboard Event will be active.

Your Goal? Be the fastest one to clear the Dungeon. At the end of the season, the fastest people will receive some rewards!

You will only be able to use the key on a seasonal character.


Place 1 – Gold Trophy Emote

Place 2 – Silver Trophy Emote

Place 3 – Bronze Trophy Emote

Place 1-3  – Special Title 1  (To be announced later)

Place 4-20 – Special Title 2  (To be announced later)

Place 1- 100 – Amulet of Lightning

New Shiny Items

Coming in this new season is a new small batch of shiny items, The Tome of Holy Protection, Beekeeper’s Flamethrower, Scepter of Devastation, and Penetrating Blast Spell. These shiny items will rarely drop for the seasonal characters from their normal sources.

Seasonal Spoils

As announced last week, we decided to do some changes to the plan of the Seasonal Spoils Chest. This new Chest will be used in the future to move your Seasonal Items to the Spoils Chest, and after a set time those items will be deleted. BUT due to feedback from the community and us investigating further actions we can take before doing this move, we decided to implement the Spoils Chest differently for now.

The Spoils Chest will not have a ‘deletion’ timer for now and items will be stored in the chest while we keep working on additional adjustments to the normal Gift Chest and Vault. For the time being, ONLY the items from the Seasonal Vault will be sent to the new Seasonal Spoils Chest. All the items from your current Seasonal Gift Chest will be sent to your non-seasonal Gift Chest. Your Potions will also be sent to your Gift Chest. At a later point, we will introduce an end date to items in the Seasonal Spoils Chest in order to future-proof it from becoming too unwieldy, but we will give you enough time to sort out the items you want to save.

Further Oryx 3 changes

As we said last update we would be watching the Oryx 3 system changes and potentially making more changes based on the results. Unfortunately, while the new systems are achieving most of what they have set out to do, a significant impact in runs has been seen in more casual settings that we did not see in the Testing sessions before the last update. While in general, the math should line up that a fight would not take much longer at all due to the invuln times being relatively short and at worst being about equal to the times spent waiting for Oryx guards to end. The reality is that a large portion of players in these more casual runs are now either choosing not to interact with O3 post-exalted or are simply dealing meaningful enough damage mid-phase due to how dangerous and punishing they can be to people who aren’t extremely experienced. This causes what appeared to be runs with little to no time difference to suddenly be a lot longer when applied to Production. In addition, a lot of more experienced players are reporting that they are not feeling as immediately rewarded for going in and dealing damage on harder phases.

To address this we have reverted the counter/stagger system back to normal and removed the phase damage caps that were implemented with it. We believe these changes were in the right direction, but to fully realize requires some additional measures that we do not have the tech to do just yet. With these removed the new combo chains have also been removed as this brings back the guarded chains.

Due to some feedback surrounding Counters coming back, we have also reduced the possible counter effects to just one, Silence. This should still punish the group but not be as swingy or annoying as the older effects of sick/armor break/weak/quiet.

The following changes from the last update are still present:

  • New o3 hp thresholds
  • 50% bonus exalt rate
  • Flashing blue when towers are up
  • Hp scaling for players 1-5
  • Removal of reset and pre-attack damage windows.

Changes and Fixes

  • Completing Hidden Interregnum now awards you the completion in the dungeon list.
  • Fixed banner not displayed on dungeon key’s tooltip if there is a dungeon event active without any mods, all dungeon events should have banner now
  • Fixed disconnection in High Tech Terror when ability projectiles are spawned out of map
  • Treasure Room boss of Parasite Chambers should be boosted by the XP & Loot mods of the Solo Key
  • Offensive words are now filtered through Whisper/tell chat regardless of whether player allows them in settings.
  • Fixed an issue where error was being displayed while clicking on OK button on ‘About your data’ popup
  • Fixed an issue were the Acc BXP EP Accelerator was stacking the percentage values
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