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Development Update

Greetings Realmers!

Today we have some news to share with you. As you are all aware, we are currently working hard on the Realm Rework update. While this is still far away on the horizon, in order to finish the art required for this update, we are in need of more Artists!

Some of you might be aware that over the years we have hired Artists from the community and now we are looking to increase this team. This is a paid position on a freelance basis, meaning the payment you would receive depends on the amount of art you produce. The whole process will be explained to you in more detail should we reach out to you.

To clarify, this position does not have any fixed work hours. It is fully up to the Artist to decide how much time they are able and willing to spend per day/week/month.

In order to have a better understanding of the Art required, we have created a new form that you can fill out. Please make sure all the information you provide is correct. Once again, this is a paid position and we need to ensure the information you provide is accurate. 

Click to get to the form.

Since the question of “why do you want to hire someone from the community?” came up before, here is a quick explanation: You, the players, have provided us with amazing art of the game over the years. From skins to item sprites to full dungeons. We want to give you an opportunity to take your (possibly) first steps into the gaming industry. To share your talent and knowledge in creating art for RotMG.

If you have any questions about the process in general, please reach out to Community Manager Acalos on Discord: DECA_Acalos#8049 or via Email:

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