Public Testing: Moonlight Village and Biff

Development Update


It’s time for the final testing session before easter! Let’s have a final look at the upcoming Dungeon from Mizumi, Moonlight Village! You will find portals in the Nexus directly to the dungeon and the UTs are in the Shop! Additionally, we will be having a look at Biff who went into the Gym to get even more buffed than he already is.

But first, let me give the microphone to Mizumi.

Moonlight Village

Good Evening!

Thank you all for returning. I would like to preface by saying this will be the final public testing session before the dungeon is released, so it is crucial to report any critical bugs you find so they don’t make it to production!

Event Boss

The Ethereal Shrine is a mysterious building that has appeared within the realm. It emanates a steady torrent of spiritual energy, spewing a sea of wisps across the land.

These wisps appear to be harmless, even giving off a feeling of warmth and happiness when touched! Although they may appear to be wandering aimlessly, they are in fact trying to find their way back home.

The gate to the spirit realm however is not so easy to approach. Gather spirits in order to activate the encounter and prepare for a fight! Similarly to the dungeon, you can follow the lantern in order to weaken the defenses of the shrine.


Moonlight Village will now be an additional source of LIFE, MANA or ATT exaltations depending on which dancer concludes the festival! The stats associated with each dancer are as follows:

Sage Genji – LIFE Exaltation

Drummer Kaguya – MANA Exaltation

Dancer Miko – ATT Exaltation

Note however, that exaltations will not be granted if easy mode is enabled for the dungeon.

Additionally, fame will now be received after overcoming each dancer, rather than altogether at the end. There have also been slight adjustments to some of the dancers’ danmaku phases:

  • Reduced lethality of Genji’s Torrent of Memories
  • Genji’s Tears in the Rain bullet density progression is faster
  • Miko’s Petals in the Wind bullet density progression is faster
  • Kaguya’s Light in the Storm has faster and clearer telegraphs

One final thing to mention regarding the dungeon is that it will NOT be able to have any dungeon mods applied to it, either naturally or through refining keys. Unfortunately this means the dungeon mod which guarantees fishing will only be available through events.

Item Adjustments

After further testing it was evident that the first draft for many of Moonlight Village’s UTs were too strong and as such they had to be toned down to be more in line with other existing UTs. Here is a list of changes:

  • Spirit summons from the armours and ring now orbit the player rather than being mouse controlled; they will now forcefully decay after 12 seconds regardless of interactions that extend their lifetimes
  • Kagenohikari now has one proc which summons a randomized spirit rather than 3 separate independent procs for each type of spirit and required MP% has been decreased and chance of occurrence increased; this spirit will automatically start off as a level 2 spirit
  • Tezutsu Hanabi has had a redistribution of damage on the lightning and shockblast to make building WIS/VIT more beneficial; the scepter’s Light Show spirit has a new behavior where it will chase any nearby enemies and orbit the player when there are no enemies; the Firework Stockpile subability now places stockpiles when shooting rather than when using the ability
  • The blue spirit summon (associated with the Wakibiki) has had its paralyze upgrade moved from level 2 to level 3
  • Elegant Parasol has had projectile damage reduced from 350-450 to 250-350 but the projectiles will come out much faster
  • Rain Maker no longer has AoEs scaling with ATT and damaging but the base damage has been increased from 200-300 to 250-300; the on ability key hold MP drain has been decreased from 40 MP/sec to 30 MP/sec
  • Taiko Drums no longer give a HP and DEX boost but the subabilities have been swapped around such that Crescendo is the default; projectile speed boost from Crescendo has been lowered to prevent fast projectiles clipping through objects
  • Makakoyumi has had the main projectile reduced from 1000 to 800 damage but increased damage and effective range on the side projectiles; greatly reduced duration of slowed and in combat when shooting so that it is more reactive
  • Mischief no longer has additional parametric projectiles
  • Fortitude has less projectiles in the inner rings of bullets
  • Vigor’s spirits no longer explode scaling with ATT and damaging
  • Fishing rods have increased cast range from 3 tiles to 4 tiles

Concluding Thoughts

Thank you to everyone who has given feedback during the development of the dungeon, Moonlight Village would not have been well polished without your help! I hope that the final product that arrives on production will be an enjoyable experience!


We have reworked the Biff fight. It should now be more in line with other event bosses in the game. To test it, you have to clear all the Ghost Kings in a new realm on the public testing servers. He also now drops a guaranteed stat potion and has a chance to drop the Incubation Mace. Let us know what you think about these changes!

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