Public Testing: Balance Update and more!

Development Update


This week’s testing is all about quality of life changes and adjustments to a lot of different items. You will find nerfs and buffs for several different items. Feel free to leave feedback in the appropriate channels. Additionally, you can have a look at the first draft of the Battle Pass Season 5 and Missions! We also bring some changes to the Seasonal Item Forge.

You will be able to purchase the reworked Items in our Shop on Testing. Please keep in mind that both the Battle Pass and Missions have placeholders in them.

We will change the seasons during the weekend in order to test the Seasonal Vault Expansion and Forge changes.

Seasonal Item Forge

For the next update, we are changing the rules of Item Forge regarding Seasonal characters. We have heard your feedback and suggestions (thank you very much!) and we have decided to act on it. You can now read the changes that will apply to Item Forge when you play with a Seasonal character.

End-of-season reset

  • This rule stays; at the end of a season, the Item Forge resets completely for Seasonal Characters.

Using Blueprints

  • If you use a Blueprint with a Seasonal Character, it will unlock the item in both the seasonal and the regular Item Forge!
  • However, be wary that this does not happen the other way around: if you acquire and use a Blueprint with a regular character, it will only unlock items in the regular Item Forge.
  • The final effect achieved with this is that Blueprints acquired with your Seasonal Character will contribute to both your seasonal and regular progression, while Blueprints used with a regular character won’t ever affect your seasonal progression, which would defeat the purpose of seasonality, specially at the beginning of new seasons.

Transferring Blueprints to regular Vault

  • If you have Blueprints you haven’t used in your seasonal Vault, they will be transferred to the regular Vault alongside all your other items, same as now.
  • However, we have added an extra restriction that forbids a Blueprint to be carried when converting a Seasonal Character into a regular one mid-season, using the NPC in the Nexus.
  • In practical terms, this shouldn’t be a problem because if you get a Blueprint you’d like the recipe for in both Item Forges, simply use it with your Seasonal Character and it will unlock the item in both as per the rule we mentioned before.
  • The reason this restriction exists has to do with our future plans for seasonality and allows us to, potentially in the future, create Blueprints and other items that create a different metagame and rewards for Seasonal mode but are ultimately transferred back to regular mode after the season ends.

Seasonal Vault Expansion

We heard a lot of feedback regarding the Seasonal Vault. We have decided to add an Expansion that will unlock 8 slots in your seasonal vault. At the end of the season, the seasonal vault will reset back to its original slots but you will automatically unlock your purchased slots in your non-seasonal vault.

Repeatable Missions

We are also going to introduce a new addition to the Seasonal Missions feature. From now on some of our Missions will be repeatable. This means once you have completed them, you will be able to complete them again and again. They are limited by a cooldown. Once completed, you can still move forward and complete the next mission in the chain.

The reset for the repeatable missions is not affected by server restarts or certain set times. They will reset depending on when you completed them. For this session, we have reduced the cooldown times so that everyone can test them out.

Please keep in mind that the Missions for this Testing Session have placeholders in them. The same goes for the Battle Pass.

In the screenshot, you can see that we are also introducing new dungeon ranges to the missions. This should make it easier for you to complete the missions without having to look for a limited amount of dungeons.

Battle Pass

We will have a Battle Pass active during Testing. Please keep in mind that the Skins, Cloths and Titles are currently still placeholders. The other items are fix and we would like to hear your feedback about them.

Steamworks Encounter and Item Changes


We are testing the following changes to the train encounter to try and speed it up:
-HP: 140 000 – > 110 000

-4 Turrets instead of 8
-Only one turret phase instead which will be random of the three

-Once per realm max

Steamworks Item Changes

We are also trying new concepts for the Steam Pipe and Kogbold Cower Shield so check them out and let us know what you think.
-Steam Pipe now shoots 4 shots which slow down and you do higher damage the closer you are to the target

-Cower Shield is now a group defense buff

QoL Changes

-Tomb life drops are now a minimum of 3 up from 1

-Void potion drops now up to a minimum of 4 from 1 and general drops increased

-Mana drop chance in ocean trench increased and minimum increased to 3 from 2

-Reduced room count in Mad Lab, Ocean Trench, and Parasite Chambers by 2

-Increased drop rate of Puppet Theater, Mad Lab, Cursed library, and Magic Woods from godlands enemies

-Megamoth Now flashes before going into its dash attack

-Slightly reduced mountain temple enemy spawns

-Anti-Grief added to Horrific Creation

-Golden Sphinx is now only armored while in the gas not invulnerable

-Agonized Titan now remains visible on the map after the spirits have vanished

-Swarm spiders now have a delay before firing and the lowest tier of spiders have had their damage cut in half

-Calamity and commotion crabs will now drop patches of sand on death to make looting safer

-Steamworks, Wetlands, and subweapon UT Blueprints now drop
– 3 objects have been added to the guild hall to help with testing player damage. Write “dps” to Guill for an explanation!

-The following Setpiece Heroes now respawn if no players are nearby

Great Coil Snake after 4 minutes

Kage Kami after 6 minutes

Scout Colony after 10 minutes


-Removed the healing phase for the Warped Ent Ancient
-Reduced chase speed of the Thorned Drake
-Lowered HP on Sulfuric Centipede from 6500 –> 4000 and lower it’s DEF from 20 –> 10
-Removed slowed from Bog Guardian projectiles and increase the exposed duration to 3 seconds up from 1
-Lower damage on both Twisted Thornbush shots from 75 to 65 -Increased the cooldown on the Cobalt Wretched Rose’s shots from 1.4 to 1.8 second
-Increased the cooldown and throwtime on the grenade from the Cobalt Wretched Rose from 1 to 1.4 seconds
-Lowered the sicken on the Viridian Wretched Rose from 4 to 2.5 seconds
-Lowered the DEF on the Grand Dragonfly from 15 to 10

Third Dimension

-Side branch length reduced by 1

-Reduced all dungeon minion slow durations from 2 to 1.4 seconds

-Square elemental slow and silence duration reduced from 4 to 2

Balance Changes

There are a lot of balance changes this time around so we have included a summary to scroll through with more detailed information and designer notes further below. In the following summary a + indicates a buff, a – a nerf, and = some other kind of change.



+ Archer gains 5 speed

+Huntress Att and Dex changed to 65/60



+All quivers gain significantly increased damage


+All Traps gain slightly increased Damage

+Vile trap now lasts less time but curses briefly
+Honeytomb snare lasts longer


+All Stars gain Significantly Increased Damage

+Star of enlightenment now grants 5 passive dex


-All skulls have had their healing Radius lowered

+All skulls have had their base damage and wisdom scaling increased

=Demon lord’s Skull now always spawns minions, but minion damage lowered

=Cubic cranium cooldown halved but minion damage lowered


+Bloody cloak passive stats increased and now has -spd instead of slowed

+Cloak of cubic enigma has a larger explosion radius

+Ghastly Drape paralyzes for longer but its shots do not travel as far

+Vampiric cape costs less mp and grants the healing effect on use


=Fractured gemstone wakizashi reworked to now use summons that fire bursts of projectiles as they rotate

+Wakizashi of the crossing fires mp cost reduced and given a slightly improved firing angle


-Penetrating blast spell mana cost increased

-Recurring Terror spell mana cost increased

+Slurpian sea scroll mana cost decreased and speed duration increased


-Tome of the mushroom tribes mp cost increased and healing lowered, player count healed increased

+Tome of holy protection mana cost decreased

+Necronomicon vitality penalty removed and damage increased

+Tome of Pain mana cost reduced and damage increased


-Crystal shield now grants armored instead of invulnerable, speed penalty reduced, mp cost reduced, passive def added, new on-hit retaliation proc

+Spiteful scutum damage and passive stats increased

+Sunken buckler mana cost decreased

+Snakeskin shield speed increased


+Snake Charmer Pungi cooldown removed


+Vanguard Visage mana cost decreased and damage increased


=Hivemind mace rotation speed fixed



-Lumiarie Damage nerfed

-Souls guidance soul damage nerfed

+Wand of the fallen damage increased

+Crystal wand damage increased

+St abraham’s wand now multihits


-Corruption cutter damage decreased

+Symbiotic ripper damage increased


+Crystal sword damage increased

+Ancient stone sword damage increased

+Indomptable range and damage increased

+Fallen one’s blade damage increased

+Davlar’s Battleaxe damage increased


+Quartz cutter arc gap decreased

+Saif of the deep arc gap decreased and projectile speed increased

=Tiered tachi damage/firerate readjusted to scale better with def

=Burial blades fire pattern changed and gimmick removed


+Protective matrix proc threshold increased and cooldown decreased


-Vesture of Duality speed decreased

=Diplomatic robe proc changed to on ability from on hit

+Chasuble of holy light stats changed

+Woodland robe stats changed

+Robe of the tlatoani mp increased

+Tlatoani’s shroud wis increased

-Robe of the Mad Scientist wis/vit and mana reduction decreased

+Esben’s Shaman attire proc chance increased, def reduced, hp and attack increased

=Toga picta attack increased, dexterity decreased

Leather Armor

+Snakeskin armor speed increased

+Armor of nil def increased, speed further decreased

+Rags of the host def increased, vit further decreased

=Hallowed hide stats changed, proc changed from healing to instant health restore

+Mantle of skuld wis and mp increased


-Royal Guards Cuirass proc nerfed

+Zaarvox’s heart speed increased

+Fire dragon battle armor speed and vit increased, proc cooldown reduced

+Chainmail body armor speed increased


+Crystalized mist proc threshold reduced and cooldown reduced

+Fairy ring stats increased, new proc added

+Spider’s eye ring stats increased proc radius increased

+Snake eye ring xp bonus added

+Amulet of Dispersion stats increased

+Crystal bone ring stats increased, new proc added

+Coral ring gains minor mp cost reduction

+Captain’s ring hp increased

+Ring of divine faith gains hp and mp

Killbilly set

+Sword buffed

+Helmet def buffed

-Armor proc cooldown increased

-Set bonuses changed lowering the attack gained from earlier parts

Detailed Changes:


50 Speed -> 55 Speed


TierOld DamageNew Damage

Cocoon Quiver

Damage: 120-200 -> 150-250

Mad Javelin

Damage: 800-1300 -> 1150-1650


Damage: 650-750 -> 950-1150

Beehemoth Quiver

Damage: 180-260 -> 300-420

Quiver of Thunder

Damage: 310-360 -> 925-1125

Quiver of the Shadows

Shots: 5 -> 6

Arc Gap: 5 -> 4

Huntsman’s Volley

Main shot damage: 200-250 -> 450-500

Additional Shots Damage: 75-100 -> 100-130

Quiver of Shrieking Specters

Damage: 85-130 -> 100-150

Embellished Quiver

Shot 1 Damage: 250 -> 325

Shot 2 Damage: 150 -> 225

Shot 3 Damage: 100 -> 175


75 Attack -> 65 Attack

50 Dexterity -> 60 Dexterity

Designer note: This results in a moderate dps increase at all defense levels despite being the same total dps stats


TierOld DamageNew Damage

Coral Venom Trap

Damage: 350 -> 400

Dex: 2 -> 3

Spd: 2 -> 3

Trap of the Vile Spirit

Damage:800 -> 900

Duration: 10 -> 6 seconds

Effect: Curse for 2 seconds

Blacklight Artifice

Damage: 700 -> 800

Sulfuric Stone

Bubble Damage: 750 -> 850

Honeytomb Snare

Duration: 6 -> 7 seconds


TierOld DamageNew Damage

Star of Enlightenment

+5 Dex

Damage: 1000-1500 -> 1500 -> 2000


Damage: 400-600 -> 500-700

Spider Shuriken

Damage: 150-250 -> 300-500

Midnight Star

Damage: 600-900 -> 1100-1300

Ballistic Star

Damage: 400 -> 500


Star damage: 400-600 -> 550-750

Bulb damage: 750-800 -> 1000-1100

Bulb explosion radius: 3 -> 3.5

Daybreak Chakram

Damage: 720 – 1440 -> 950-1900

Crystalline Kunai

Damage: 350 -> 450

Rage Claws

Damage: 275-400 -> 350-450


All skulls have had their heal radius reduced from 6 to 4 unless otherwise mentioned

Designer note: The previous base radius for healing on necromancers was very high, in this way we hope to reign necromancer in on group healing so it doesn’t step on priest’s toes as much. While necromancers healing has no diminishing value, it will be on a smaller area.

TierOld DamageNew DamageOld scaling
(per wis over 50)
New scaling
(per wis over 50)

Cracked Crystal Skull

Damage: 90 -> 140

Radius: 4.25 -> 4.5
Heal radius: 6 -> 5

Damage Scaling: 2.5 -> 5.5

Sealed Crystal Skull

Damage: 130 -> 220

Damage Scaling: 3 -> 7.5

Heal Radius: 6 -> 5.5

Demon Lord’s Skull

MP cost: 110 -> 120
Proc Chance: 70% -> 100%

Summon damage: 250 -> 200

Summon fire rate: 0.4 -> 0.6

Skullish Remains of Esben

Damage: 160 -> 220

Damage Scaling: 3.2 -> 6

Perennial Cranium

Damage: 100 -> 150

Damage Scaling: 4 -> 7

Plant Damage: 125 -> 150

Heal Radius: 6 -> 4.5

Skull of Endless Torment

Damage: 120 -> 200

Damage Scaling: 5 -> 12

Skull of Corrupted Souls

Damage: 100 -> 200

Radius: 2.25 -> 2.5

Damage Scaling: 5 -> 9

Heal Radius: 4.2 -> 3.5

Memento Mori

Damage: 400 -> 500

Armor ignore: 400 -> 500

Cubic Frame

Cooldown: 4 -> 2 seconds

Base Damage: 200 -> 175 (Still decays 25 every second)

Brain Cube

Damage Scaling: 7.5 -> 11

Base Damage: 350 -> 400

Explosion 1 Damage: 400-500 -> 500-600

Explosion 2 Damage: 350-450 -> 400-500


Cloak of Bloody Surprises

On use effect: Slowed -> -50 Speed

Defense: 2 -> 4

Vitality: 2 -> 4

Cloak of Cubic Enigma

Burst Radius: 3.5 -> 4.5 Tiles

Ghastly Drape

Paralyze Duration: 1.6 -> 2 seconds

Nova range: 8.5 -> 6.5 tiles

Shot count: 10 -> 9 (this is intended as a buff as it now shoots at the cursor)

Vampiric Cape

MP Cost: 120 -> 90

New Effect: Healing for 4 Seconds


Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi

Crystal stars are now summons that fire bursts of 8 projectiles as they orbit

Projectiles deal 250-300 damage and expose for 3 seconds

Summons have a delay before they first shoot so you cannot spellbomb with it

Summons orbit in a random direction and have small radius variability

Wakizashi of Crossing Fires

MP cost: 100 -> 90

Offset angle: 75 -> 60


Penetrating blast spell

MP cost: 65 -> 85

Recurring Terror Spell

MP cost: 75 -> 80

Designer note: both of the above spells were significantly cheaper than most tiered spells and felt too efficient in mana for their effects; this increase in mana won’t decrease their power but will slightly decrease their spammability.

Slurpian Sea Scroll

MP Cost 120 -> 110

Speed Boost duration: 2 second -> 3 seconds


Tome of the Mushroom Tribes

Mp cost: 80 -> 130

Healing per tick -> 120 -> 100

Max targets: 10 -> 15

Tooltip update: Range 6.5 -> 5 (Actual range unchanged, the tooltip was incorrect)

Designer note: The nerf to this tome is long overdue, it was ignored in the original vital combat tome nerf and has since become far and above the best healing option often able to outheal entire boss patterns on its own. Even with a large nerf this tome should still be very powerful, but not trivializing many fights it is in.

Tome of Holy Protection

MP cost: 150 -> 130


Vitality: -5 -> 0

Damage: 100-200 -> 400-600

Tome of Pain

MP cost: 120 -> 110

Damage: 500 -> 600


Crystal Shield

Cooldown Removed

Defense: 0 -> 8

On hold effect: Invulnerable -> Armored

Speed penalty: -30 -> -15

Mp cost: 70/s -> 40/s

New: When hit while armored retaliate by firing the shield shot (eye effect)

Shield shot damage: 200-220 -> 300-400

Shield shots now pierce enemies and obstacles

Designer note: Unfortunate as it is, the original design of this shield has caused more problems than it was worth. Many bosses have had to have specific design considerations added in to prevent this one item from potentially trivializing phases. While we appreciate the risk/reward it brought for the knight user themselves, that same risk was not extended to the other players participating in the dungeon who got to benefit from the knight acting as a human decoy. We hope this new version can still promote some risk/reward gameplay or at least be useful as a defensive tool in phases where another knight shield would provide no benefit.

Spiteful Scutum

Damage 400-600 -> 500-700

Attack: 2->4

Speed: 2->4

Sunken Buckler

MP cost: 120 -> 100

Snake Skin Shield



Snake Charmer Pungi

Cooldown Removed


Vanguard’s Visage

Mp cost: 115 -> 100

Damage: 100 -> 150

Rehearsal version damage 80->100


Hivemind Mace

Fixed rotation speed
Bee Projectile speed 5t/s -> 6.5 t/s

Xp bonus: 8% -> 7%


Siege Scepter

1 Shockblast dealing 150 damage +16 per def over 30
Shockblast radius 2 + 0.05 per def over 30

Shockblast Targets 2 + 1 per 10 def over 30

Tooltip fix: proc range 3.5 -> 4.5 (was incorrect)



Damage: 90-110 -> 80-100

Designer note: Luminaire was designed with a staggeringly high damage output coupled with a pretty rough downside. As time went on however it was clear that the downside was not as hard to deal with as originally assumed. This wand out damages every other option by an insane amount and after this nerf it will still sit comfortably at the top, just with less of a gap below it.

Soul’s Guidance

Soul Damage: 100 -> 200
Soul Poison Damage: 500 -> 0

Designer note: While rather unassuming this wand actually had an insane amount of damage output with the average amount of souls sustained. Though inconvenient to corral the souls to where you wanted, if you used this item well it would easily outclass every wand short of Lumiaire without any sort of gear investment. While this nerf is very steep it will now accurately reflect the level of content it comes from rather than substantially outclass it, and should still be a very solid dps option for builds that are not bringing attack or dexterity to the table.

Wand of the Fallen 

Damage: 200-235 -> 205-240

Crystal Wand

Damage: 95-140 -> 105-150

St. Abraham’s Wand

Shots gain Multihit


Corruption Cutter

Damage: 85-100 -> 85-90

Designer note: While similar to other dblade-esque items this one can be used from a much safer range and provides damage that can still outclass even the highest tiers of daggers. This nerf should bring it down a little bit and be more appropriate for its drop location.;

Symbiotic Ripper

Damage: 110-165 -> 115-170


Crystal Sword

Damage: 180-210 -> 195-225

Ancient Stone Sword

Damage: 340-390 -> 350-400


Range: 4 -> 4.5

Damage: 525-575 -> 550-600

Fallen One’s Blade

Damage: 120-150 -> 125-150

Dalvar’s Battle Axe

Damage: 200-210 -> 200-215


Quartz Cutter

Arc gap: 10 -> 8

Saif of the Deep

Projectile speed: 4 tiles/s -> 6 tiles/s

Arc gap: 9 -> 6

Tiered Tachis

Fire rate: 100%->95%
Damage increased to reach slightly higher maximum damage and scale better on defense with the fire rate reduction

TierOld DamageNew Damage

Burial Blades

Removed pattern swap mechanic
Fire pattern changed


Protective Matrixes

Proc HP threshold: 20% -> 30%

Proc cooldown: 240 seconds -> 90 seconds


Vesture of Duality

Speed: +10 -> +5

Designer note: though this change may seem out of nowhere, it seemed appropriate to lower the status of this robe so it is not both the best dps robe and the best speed robe at the same time.

Diplomatic Robe

On hit proc -> On ability Proc

Cooldown: 4 -> 8 seconds

Portal damage: 250 -> 125

Designer note: This change should make the proc of this robe actually something you seek to use and benefit from, the new portal appears on cursor rather than your current location which makes utilizing it much easier, as such the damage from the portal needed to be toned down a little.

Chasuble of Holy Light

Max HP: 0 -> 20

Max MP: 50 -> 20

Wisdom: 4 -> 5

Vitality: 4 -> 5

Woodland Robe

Defense: 5 -> 10

Dexterity: 3 -> 4

Max MP: 15 -> 0

Robe of the Tlatoani

MaxMP: 45 -> 90

Tlatoani’s Shroud

Wisdom: 10 -> 16

Robe of the Mad Scientist

Wisdom: 7 -> 5

Vitality: 7 -> 5

MP Discount: 25% -> 20%

Esben’s Shaman Attire

Proc chance: 10% -> 20%

Def: 11 -> 10

Max HP: 30 -> 60

Attack: 5 -> 6

Toga Picta

Attack: 8 -> 10

Dexterity: -3 -> -4

Leather Armor

Snake Skin Armor

Speed: 3 -> 4

Armor of Nil

Defense: 26 -> 30

Speed: -3 -> -5

Rags of the Host

Defense: 15 -> 17

Vitality: -2 -> -4

Hallowed Hide

Defense: 15 -> 13

Max HP: 0 -> 30

Proc: While wearing rosary when hit below 50% [gain the healing effect for 5 seconds -> instantly heal 100 HP] CD 15 seconds

Mantle of Skuld

MaxMP: 100 -> 120

Wisdom: 7 -> 8

Heavy Armor

Royal Guard’s Cuirass

Proc cooldown: 15 seconds -> 20 seconds

Proc Duration: 2 seconds -> 1.6 seconds

Zaarvox’s Heart

Speed: +6 -> +8

Fire Dragon Battle Armor

Speed: 3 -> 6

Vitality: 3 -> 5

Proc cooldown: 15 -> 10

Chainmail Body Armor

Speed: 4 -> 5


Crystallised Mist

Damage Threshold: 70 -> 50

Cooldown: 45 seconds -> 40 seconds

Fairy Ring

All stats: 2 -> 3

New Proc: on taking at least 30 damage, 20% chance to summon a fairy to heal you 15 hp/s for 10 seconds. 20 Second CD

Spider’s Eye Ring

XP Bonus: 0 -> 2

Vitality: 3- >5

Defense: 3 -> 5

Proc Radius: 3 tiles -> 4.5 Tiles

Snake Eye Ring

XP Bonus: 0 -> 2

Amulet of Dispersion

Hp/MP: 30 -> 40

Other stats: 1 ->2

Crystal Bone Ring

Dexterity: 3 -> 4

Wisdom: 3 -> 4

Xp Bonus: 0 -> 1

New proc: Onshoot 5% chance to restore 5 MP

Coral Ring

New Mp discount: 10%

Captain’s Ring

MaxHP: 40 -> 50

Ring of Divine Faith

Max HP: 0 -> 40

Max MP: 0 -> 40

Killbilly set

Jagged Hatchet

Rate of fire: 50% -> 60%

Damage: 275-290 ->245-260

Burlap Cowl

Defense: +5 -> +8

Overalls of Endurance

Proc Cooldown: 6 seconds -> 8 seconds

Set bonuses

2 pieces: +20 HP +10 MP +10 ATT +2 DEF -> +20 HP +10 MP +4 ATT +2 DEF

3 Pieces: +35 HP +15 MP +15 ATT +5 DEF -> +35 HP +15 MP +6 ATT +4 DEF

Full set: +55 HP +25 MP +25 ATT +8 DEF -> +55 HP +25 MP +10 ATT +10 DEX +6 DEF

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