Twelve Mad Days

Development Update

On the first day of Oryxmas the mad king gave to me….


We can see that you have been quite busy since our release, raising your seasonal characters and destroying all in your path to complete the objectives for the “Seasonal Gratitude” Event. We felt it’s appropriate to give you an update on how you are doing. We also have a small new surprise event starting tomorrow. 

“Seasonal Gratitude” Event

As you already know you were tasked to complete three separate objectives using a seasonal character:

Objective 1: Marble Colossus requires 12750 Points to complete it.

Objective 2: Malus requires 8500 Points to complete it.

Objective 3: The Void Entity requires 4675 Points to complete it.

Well, here is your current progress on things.

You have killed Marble Colossus a total of 5064 times. Which is 39.72% of the objective. 

You have killed Malus a total of 7846 times. Which is an impressive 92.30% of the objective.
And you have killed The Void Entity a total of 3244 times. Which is another impressive 69.39% of the objective.
As a reminder, you have until 12 UTC on the 5th of December to complete all three objectives.

“12 Mad Days Before Oryxmas” Event

Oryxmas is right around the corner, but the seasonal spirit starts tomorrow and the Tinkerer has decided to treat you to some daily rewards in exchange for some boss hunting.

In the following 12 days, each day there will be a different quest waiting for you at the Tinkerer, asking you for the mark of a specific boss. Should you want the reward, you will have to quickly hunt down the boss as the quest will only be available for 24 hours.

Here is a list of the quests that await you:

11x Mark of the Tesseract Goddess1x Oryxmas Mystery Gift
21x Mark of Daichi1x Oryxmas Mystery Gift
31x Mark of the Wyvern1x Oryxmas Mystery Gift
41x Mark of the Wetlands1x Oryxmas Mystery Gift
51x Mark of Esben1x Oryxmas Mystery Gift
61x Mark of Davy Jones1x Oryxmas Mystery Gift
71x Mark of Mark of the Son of Arachna1x Oryxmas Mystery Gift
81x Mark of the Megamoth1x Oryxmas Mystery Gift
91x Mark of Bilgewater1x Oryxmas Mystery Gift
101x Mark of the Killer Bee Queen1x Oryxmas Mystery Gift
111x Mark of the Crystal Entity1x Oryxmas Mystery Gift
121x Mark of the Forgotten King1x Oryxmas Mystery Gift

The Oryxmas Mystery Gift

The gift can drop one of  the following items:

Greater Mystery Skin

Shard of the Advisor x3

Golden Lucky Clover

Legendary Mystery Key

Mystery ST Shard x1

Oryxmas Archer Skin

Oryxmas Assassin Skin

Oryxmas Huntress Skin

Oryxmas Knight Skin

Oryxmas Mystic Skin

Oryxmas Necromancer Skin

Oryxmas Ninja Skin

Oryxmas Paladin Skin

Oryxmas Priest Skin

Oryxmas Rogue Skin

Oryxmas Samurai Skin

Oryxmas Sorcerer Skin

Oryxmas Trickster Skin

Oryxmas Warrior Skin

Oryxmas Wizard Skin

Oryxmas Bard Skin

Oryxmas Summoner Skin

Oryxmas Kensei Skin

Santa’s Bag

Gingerbread House

Epic Mystery Key

Lucky Clover

Shard of the Advisor x1

Santa Workshop Key

Loot Drop Potion

Loot Tier Potion

Mystery Stat Pot

Rare Mystery Key

Mystery Cloth (Large)

Mystery Cloth (Small)

Basic Sulphur

Greater Sulphur

Basic Ore

Greater Ore

Happy hunting Realmers!

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