Art Contest Winners 2022

Development Update


It has been a while since the Art Contest started and ended. Today we are finally able to announce the winners. First of all, thank you to everyone who took part in the Contest. We got hundreds of entries and it took us a while to sort them all and judge them. It was a very close call for a lot of entries and we hope that the players that did not win arent too upset. But let us start!

For the winners: CM Acalos will contact you via Discord in the next couple of days to receive your answer to the skin of choice etc.


Place 1: Pptyrone


Place 3: SmolPeepo

Place 4: RTryhard

Place 5: Darkous

Place 6: Nazoado

Place 7: VTDA

Place 8: JosipSmrdi

Place 9: Haniff

Place 10: Braincolor

Special Winner: SunKachina

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