Public Testing – Wetlands

Development Update


The time has come for the next round of testing. Welcome the return of the Wetlands to Realm of the Mad God. We are looking forward to more feedback on our new and upcoming dungeon, created by MOONSHOOT and his helpers!

Here is a quick reminder of what awaits you inside the Wetlands. We have shared the message from the creator before but… it’s never enough.

The Sulfurous Wetlands

Shortly after the fall of the Cursed Library, Lord Ruthven set his sights on smaller targets to slowly corrupt the realm as a means to enable quick subjugation by Oryx. The many villages of the realm were easy targets, however one stood out. 

An ancient, towering willow tree remained stalwart in the village center for generations, and over the flow of time, had developed a labyrinth-like root network spanning unimaginable lengths across the realm. 

The seemingly perfect target backfired on Ruthven’s attempts, however, channeling the corruption to only the village once called home. 

Enter: The Sulfurous Wetlands.

Hello Wet Realmers!

My name is MOONSHOOT and I am excited and proud to introduce you to Realm’s newest dungeon! Enter this acidic bog at your own risk. Within it are a myriad of perilous plants, twisted trees, and warped wanderers. The Wetlands will be dropping from a new godlands mob: The Grand Dragonfly, with its availability being akin to mobs such as the Sting Spider, Corsair Crab, and Great Owl. It shares a similar difficulty level as the counterparts above and aims to give the area another challenging yet rewarding experience.

With this new dungeon brings new items! The dungeon has been in development for quite a long time and as a beginner’s personal project, has seen many, many changes over the course of its creation. With that being said, many item concepts were also made over that period with the intent at the time being for a different difficulty level. As such, item drop locations, rates, concepts, and what will ultimately be added on the release are still up for discussion and debate both through feedback and internally! We want to hear what you think about anything and everything for this exciting addition to the game!

A note from DECA: Thank you MOONSHOOT and Maelstrom for creating this amazing dungeon! We are looking forward to all the feedback from the players.

Halloween is approaching!

You will find the Halloween-themed Nexus and some spooky guests in the Realm!

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