Art Contest 2022

Development Update


It has been a while since we asked you to show us your best Art Skills. We already receive several new cool things every week on our social media channels so why not turn this into a little competition? 

Starting from the 10th of August until the 7th of September you will be able to show us your best and greatest Skills when it comes to creating Art! This can be anything from drawing something nice to baking cookies. The only and most important rule is, it has to be Realm of the Mad God related. We are not going to judge or include cosplay in this competition. 


  • Rank 1: Skin of choice* – 8000g – 3x Apple of Extreme Maxening
  • Rank 2: Skin of choice* – 6000g – 2x Apple of Extreme Maxening
  • Rank 3: Skin of choice* – 4000g – 1x Apple of Extreme Maxening
  • Rank 4: Pet Skin of choice* – 2000g
  • Rank 5: Pet Skin of choice* – 1500g
  • Rank 6-10: 2 Candy of Choice – 1000g
  • Bonus: Random Winner picked from all entries: 1000g

    To make sure everyone has a chance of winning even if you are not blessed with creating Art, we will pick 1 random winner from all entries.

*You can choose from skins that are obtainable from the shop.

To submit something, please follow this Link to Google Forms. You will need to provide us with your IGN and a link to your Art.

Some basic rules:
1: You have to own the copyright for the Art.
2: Anything sent in after the 7th of September won’t be included in the competition.
3: By sending in your Art you allow us to highlight it on our social media channels.
4: DECA can remove any entries if they violate our ToS or Age Rating.

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