New Weapon Types! Part 2

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We got a lot of messages asking us when we will release the next showcase for our upcoming weapons. That time has now come!
Last time we showed you the Dual Blades, Tachi, and the Flail. We are following this up with the Longbow, Spellblade, and the Morning Star! Once again we have some small videos for you all to enjoy. Let us know what you think, but keep in mind that the weapon types are a work in progress and always up for change.

Longbow (Bow Subtype): 

Tiered: Longbows burst-fires 4 sets of 3 shots that meet at the end of their range. Unlike normal bows, these bows maintain full effectiveness and large amounts of damage at max range at the cost of requiring increased accuracy 

UT: The “Longbow of the Guardian” is a hybrid of both regular bows and subtype bows, firing 4 shots in a burst with the outer arrows dealing armor-piercing damage.

Spellblade (Staff Subtype):

Tiered: Spellblades fire two shots that are stacked directly on top of each other. One of these shots deals higher damage while the other shot deals lower damage but pierces armor as well as multihits giving staff classes better access to piercing at a cost of raw damage.

UT: The “Crystalized Worm Spellblade” fires two worm heads from the left and right of the player. Accuracy and proper spacing allows for a skilled player to do significant damage.

Morning Star (Wand Subtype)

Tiered: Unlike regular wands, Morning Stars are shorter range and do not pierce enemies. In return, they are a 5-shot shotgun allowing for big damage on a single target if you’re able to land all your shots.

UT: The “Beekeeper’s Flamethrower” only fires 3 shots as opposed to the tiereds 5, these projectile armor pierce and move slowly to allow for greater coverage.

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10 replies on “New Weapon Types! Part 2”

  1. Ashimigari

    I think that instead for the sword type, It should be claymores and big, big swords, that add range, deal more damage, hit multiple targets, but sacrifice -20% rate of fire. Also for st set idea, Guts from Berserk as a warrior in the berserker armor, this would be an amazing set and a tribute to Kentaro Miura

  2. Julsi

    I think that the longbow is the coolest one

  3. !

    good update

  4. Jackson

    please give us big sord c:

  5. Mikkel Jakobsen

    Kinda wish a spear type for the sword classes would exist, considering the spear’s extended use in medieval times. Could be a longer range, piercing, high bullet velocity, slower attack speed weapon

  6. Zathenos

    I just wanna say, I think the morning star looks very odd, just not great, the longbow is going to get nerfed into the ground, and the spellblade probably won’t see much use, but I do like the overall creativity put into them

  7. that looks pretty cool eh

  8. kenny

    wow the weapons looks unique and fun, hope its balanced for the future updates

  9. .


  10. Tetherman

    Stop this

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