The Elemental Equinox Event!



The Saint Patrick’s Day Event is in full swing! Grab your weapons and go hunt the Leprechaun. May the Four Leaf Clover be on your side.
While you are busy with hunting said foe, we have news about what comes next.

Elemental Catalyst Event

As the unstoppable rise of Spring progresses, as the Realm thaws and hibernating beasts awaken, the Elemental forces that imbue our Realm surge with more power than ever before. The places most defined by these forces will soon be redefined, and adventurers will be able to tap into the raw power of nature. On March 29, 2022, the Elemental Equinox event begins!

But even from next week, the first signs of the motions underway will begin to show.

Visit some places touched by the essence of the Elements, and prepare for what comes next.

Starting on the 24th of March at 12PM until the 28th of March at 12PM, the following locations will spawn with modifiers and multipliers:

Deadwater Docks: Crab Rave I, 1.5x loot and XP

Abyss of Demons: Found Treasure I, 1.5x loot and XP

Sprite World: Souvenir II, 1.5x loot and XP

Toxic Sewers: Found Treasure I, 1.5x loot and XP

In addition, you can keep your Marks from these dungeons to do a few quests:

Fire Catalyst8 Marks of MalphasCatalyst of Fire x1Once per account
Water Catalyst6 Marks of BilgewaterCatalyst of Water x1Once per account
Air Catalyst8 Marks of LimonCatalyst of Air x1Once per account
Earth Catalyst8 Marks of GulpordCatalyst of Earth x1Once per account
The Elements, CombinedFire Catalyst x1Water Catalyst x1Air Catalyst x1Earth Catalyst x14 x Mighty Quest Chest2 x Backpack1 x Golden Lucky Clover1 x Mystery ST ChestOnce per account

Prepare for the Equinox!

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