Halloween events and Kablooeyy’s interview

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Spooky Realmers,

Halloween is approaching fast! This year the story revolves around the rivalry between Lord Ruthven and Septavius the Ghost God, the horrifying monsters they’ve recruited to their side, and the fanatic hunters out to get them. But since the story begins on October 26th, this weekend let’s build up the right mood by visiting some not-so-Halloweenish, yet suitably spooky locations.

The Crawling Depths (spiders!), Abyss of Demons (demons?), and Puppet Master’s Theatre (animated dolls?!) are the locations for this weekend’s event – from Oct 22, 12 PM UTC until Oct 25, 12 PM UTC. They will all have 1.5x loot drop rates, and will additionally be able to drop some Caramel Apples, Gummy Worms, and Eyecicles for you to prepare for trick-or-treating visitors. Or, uh, consume them, I guess.

Additionally, quests for marks will be up at the Tinkerer. Beware of opening these Halloween ST Chests! Next week, their contents will be updated to include the new Halloween ST reskins for Warrior, Summoner, Priest, and Huntress, albeit at a lower drop rate than the older ones. So you might choose to keep them shut until then, or open them early in pursuit of older sets.

Prepare your costumes and your weapons (and abilities, armor, and rings). Halloween is coming!

NameScary Spiders!
Requirements8 Marks of the Son of Arachna
RewardHalloween Mystery ST Chest
TypeOnce per day
NameAgents of Halloween
Requirements1 Mark of the Son of Arachna
1 Mark of the Puppet Master
2 Marks of Malphas
RewardShard of the Intern x2 OR Shard of the Mad God x4 OR Shard of the Doorwarden x5 OR x5 Shard of the Advisor x5

Kablooeyy’s interview

“I joined the Future Seekers because it meant an opportunity to join in on what is going on under the hood.” – Kablooeyy

Nationality and Age?

My name’s kablooeyy, I am 19 years of age (soon to be 20 in a few months) and I hail from a group of little islands called the United Kingdom.

What is your day job? Tell us about it.

I’m currently online studying Information Technology, not much more to say about it since it’s a boring topic.

Any hidden talents or hobbies?

I dabble in a bit of art every now and then and view an excessively large amount of cat images, preferably blurry/cursed ones. Most of my hobbies are very small, not much to note in here.

How and when did you start playing RotMG?

I first started playing RotMG in march of 2012 on my previous account, Tguy. 2 years later in 2014, I overwrote the account details with my current name, kablooeyy, and have been playing on this account since then. Reasons for doing so include wanting a new name, scuffed pet max level, and having the awareness of a wooden chair.

Favorite Class, Dungeon, and Item?

Ninja, paired with the obligatory Wind Flower skin. I enjoy the high damage and speed, while also being quite squishy and having low range, putting emphasis on dodging. I think my favorite dungeon would be the Fungal Cavern (and by extension, the Crystal Cavern), followed by post-rework Belladonna’s Garden. I prefer to do fungal/crystal caverns either in solo or small groups, where the HP scaling does not hit as hard and consequently, I can do the dungeon at a relaxed pace and have fun killing things, while still being aware of immediate dangers (yellow worms, big green mushrooms, bats). My favorite item would most definitely be the Void Blade, both pre and post-rework. being able to stack damage before an enemy is vulnerable is pretty powerful, and the pre-rework void blade was straight-up broken, being able to instantly kill some boss enemies before they walk a few steps.

What other games do you play?

Oftentimes I have VRChat open talking to people/friends alike or exploring community-made worlds. I do not have VR but plan to get it at some point. I recently beat Dark Souls III, obtained all achievements, and gave myself the unusual goal of reaching the max level of 802 on the one and only character I have; currently level ~460. Occasionally I’ll hop on Bad Business (a ROBLOX game), a fast pace movement FPS with a simplistic style. Other honorable mentions of past games I’ve played include:

  • Some classics, Castle Crashers and Plants vs Zombies
  • COD Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare 3, and Black Ops 1, the only games I played back when I had a PS3 Hotline Miami 1 and 2 (especially 2, hard mode beaten)
  • Terraria, Vanilla then Calamity (thrown straight into Master Mode on my first playthrough with friends, thanks to Garden guild)
  • Team Fortress 2 (shouldn’t be too hard to guess where I got my name from :^) )
  • Dishonored series, though I prefer 1 over 2.
  • The Half-Life series (+ Black Mesa, an excellent remake of Half-Life 1), excluding Alyx
  • Lobotomy Corporation, Hyper Light Drifter, and OneShot are all very cool and good games would recommend, especially the latter.

What makes RotMG unique?

I think what caught my attention the most from this game is the pixelated, simplistic, and saturated art style, a consequence of the game being birthed from a game jam where time is limited, so every pixel counts. The permadeath aspect is also very punishing. you don’t just lose your character and items, but you also lose time having to reform said items as well. The scariest part personally is the rng, as it blurs how much time you expect to put in to receive an item. And it also has wind flower!

What would you change?

Generally, I’d change the game’s mode of operation so that there’s more time allocated to things so that features stop coming out bum-rushed broken and breaking the game further than it already is. Focusing on bugs is a first because this game is full of them. The more barnacles removed now, the fewer barnacles we’ll have to remove later on before the ship sinks.

One feature that needs work, in particular, is HP scaling, and I look forward to seeing it fixed up a bit more since it has a massive impact on how dungeons are run as well as time spent inside.

What made you join the Future Seekers?

I joined the Future Seekers because it meant an opportunity to join in on what is going on under the hood. Knowing things that most others do not, and sparing a hand in the shaping of the future of one of my favorite games. Befriending other testers is a bonus and I’m grateful I met them.

How do you see the game in 10 years?

Assuming the game goes in a positive direction, it may very well live on to see the light of day. In my optimism, I see the game with plenty more content and fixes, both to design and functionalities, although that may be a bit too optimistic.

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