Open Testing: “Put a ring on it!”

Development Update

Hello Realmers,

Today we ask you to try out some features of the next release: In our Testing environment, you’ll find the Light Nexus as the Daeva fight back against the forces of the Void. 

You’ll also find an Antinomy Artifact: a very special ring that can be crafted by combining Ember of the Void and Ember of Daeva. It will spawn a summon that heals and deals damage. Please take into consideration that you’ll need a different account for testing. If you haven’t already created one, make sure to do so.

We’ve made a few tweaks to The Shatters:

  • Changed the display difficulty to 8.5 as intended
  • Reduced HP scaling on enemy families, with the exception of the Royal Guard in the Grand Hall gauntlet
  • Fixed the special portal animation from the Avatar
  • Added a portal of cowardice to the spawn area
  • Reduced enemy spawns in the village marsh
  • Toned down excessive enemy spawn density in certain sections of the village maps
  • Fixed a potential tree barrier in the village marsh which would force walking on corruption tiles
  • Fixed a misplaced rug tile in the village mansion
  • Made the Hollow Outlaw/Brigand slightly more opaque in cloaked state
  • Very slightly increased the warning time of the Hollow Outlaw/Brigand once visible (catching them beforehand is still the best way to counter them)
  • All village Magi Gate teleporters are now visible on the minimap after activation
  • Magi Gates will no longer display a teleport button prompt until active
  • All decoys during the Bridge Sentinel’s DM are now removed as intended
  • Fixed the Untempered Magic in the Study wing sometimes getting stuck
  • Fixed enemies lingering outside the Twilight Archmage room during the fight
  • Fixed a safe spot in the Twilight Archmage’s Fire Finale attack
  • Slightly decreased the invulnerability time of gauntlet tablets
  • Fixed an issue where the Grand Hall exit could be already opened by an object deleting the wall
  • Fixed crystal death animations sometimes not using the correct color when shattering
  • Added invulnerability to the Forgotten King’s “Guitar Hero” phase during crossing skull attacks
  • Added Quiet to the blue skulls in the Forgotten King’s corrupt tentacle attack
  • Fixed the Primal Arcana tooltip still stating it to be a work in progress
  • Reduced the size of the wizard ST set’s phoenix summons and their projectiles
  • Rearranged summon order for Peacekeeper so the Knight is despawned first.

The Avatar of the Forgotten King himself went through some changes:

  • Eyes Phase stack shots fixed, now Eyes will not shoot immediately when they are spawned
  • Eyes cannot be dragged out of Avatar grounds, and instead will re-position them closer to Avatar after some time
  • Fixed the soft lock issue connected with the Pillars phase

In the Crystal Cavern

  • Crystal Dark Flower no longer fires stacked shots while Skilled Minions mod is active.
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