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Hello Realmers,

Thank you for your patience with the latest issue. We hope to have fixed the bug that was causing some of your characters to be insta-killed. If it happened to you, please reach out to our Customer Support agents. They will revive the characters that died due to the bug.

We can assure you that is not the way we wanted to start Month of the Mad God and that we are constantly monitoring our servers. When something like this happens we are immediately putting our efforts into a fix.

The bug, as many of you were asking, was caused by… a cat. This actual cat. (Is it too early to call it a cat-astrophic bug?). The cat was “eating” bullets that disappeared and hit the players afterwards. 

We also needed to fix a small issue with the Void Fragments, so if you are holding any, they might have disappeared. A free pack with some more will be waiting in the shop for you!

On other hand, we’ve also noticed that some items that should have been tradable, are not. They will be tradable after the next release, on the 24th of August.

Those items are:

  • Useless Katana
  • Doku No Ken
  • Arbiter’s Wrath
  • Void Blade
  • Katana of Good Fortune
  • Yuki
  • Krathana
  • Blade of Ages
  • Fire Blade
  • Snake Charmer Pungi
  • Sawblade Katana
  • Lullaby

Thank you to the community for quickly pointing that out.

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