A Freshen-up Event (and a goodbye)

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Hello Realmers,

Is this summer getting too hot to handle? Chill out with this cool event on Ice Cave and Ice Tomb. Both dungeons will have Chest events associated with their completion. The event on Ice Cave starts on Friday, the 16th of July, at 12 PM UTC and lasts till Monday, 19th at 12 PM UTC. The event on Ice Tomb starts on Saturday, the 17th, at 12 PM UTC and lasts till Tuesday, 20th, at 12 PM UTC, and Permafrost Lord will be spawning in Realms for its duration.

Ice Cave drops:Ice Tomb drops:
– Adventurer’s Belt
– Backpack
– Esben’s Shaman Attire
– Esben’s Wedding Ring
– Frost Citadel Armor
– Frost Drake Hide Armor
– Frost Elementalist Robe
– Frost Lich’s Finger
– Frosty’s Walking Stick
– Grapes of Wrath
– Hazel Nildrop
– Ice Cave Key
– Icicle Dial Mystic Skin
– Icicle Launcher
– Inuit Skin
– Large Diamond Cloth
– Loot Drop Potion
– Loot Tier Potion
– Mini Lord Pet Skin
– Mystery Cloth (Large)
– Mystery Cloth (Small)
– Mystery Stat Pot
– Ninja Mystery Skin
– Potion of Dexterity (SB)
– Potion of Mana (SB)
– Potion of Max Level
– Power Pizza
– Scarlet Nildrop
– Shard of the Advisor x1
– Skullish Remains of Esben
– Small Diamond Cloth
– Staff of Esben
– Superburger
– Wine Cellar Incantation
– Yuki Onna Mystic Skin
– Nordic Knight STs
 – Adventurer’s Belt
 – Arctic Bow
 – Backpack
 – Bow of Eternal Frost
 – Enchanted Ice Blade
 – Enchanted Ice Shard
 – Eternal Snowflake Wand
 – Freezing Quiver
 – Frimar Knight Skin
 – Frimarra
 – Glacius Knight Skin
 – Grapes of Wrath
 – Ice Crown
 – Ice Tomb Key
– Large Snowflake Cloth
– Loot Drop Potion
– Loot Tier Potion
– Mini Polaris Pet Skin
– Mystery Cloth (Large)
– Mystery Cloth (Small)
– Mystery Stat Pot
– Potion of Life (SB)
– Potion of Max Level
– Power Pizza
– Ring of the Northern Light
– Saint Nicolas’ Blade
– Shard of the Advisor x1
– Small Snowflake Cloth
– Snow Queen Skin
– Staff of Iceblast
– Superburger
– Teal Nildrop
– Tome of Frigid Protection
– Wine Cellar Incantation
– Winter’s Breath Wand
– Yuki

Also, just a reminder that the Story of War Grace period starts on Friday, the 16th, at 12 PM UTC and lasts till Monday the 19th, at 12 PM UTC.

This week we have a beloved team member leaving the company. We thank him for everything and wish him all the best in his new endeavors.  

DecaUnibro left a message for you:

Hi all,

I want to announce to you that I’ll be leaving DECA Games today. 
It has been a wild year and a half, but the time has come for me to explore other career opportunities.
I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in the design team during this time and wish my colleagues all the best.
I hope you are all excited for the upcoming Shatters reconstruction and Month of the Mad God, for which we are trying our best to exceed your expectations!

Thank you,


P.S.- Please think of him every time you die to a certain crab in DDocks…

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