Development Update

Oryx’s Sanctuary has been out for roughly a week and a half now, and July is wrapping up. We’re thrilled with the reception of Oryx 3 so far, but our work is not done just yet! We still have a few more changes we’d like to make based on what we’ve seen over the past dozen days, which we plan to release next week.

Oryx’s Sanctuary Updates

  • Archbishop Leucoryx
    • HP: 500K -> 400K
    • Invulnerability at the start of attacks: 3sec -> 2sec
    • Orb of Light HP: 6000 -> 3000
    • Orb of Chaos HP: 8000 -> 4500
    • Candle Paralyze Shot Range: 2.8 tiles -> 2 tiles
    • Orb of Light and Orb of Chaos now move 2 times slower when Leucoryx is in the middle of the room
    • Fixing beams during the counter not reaching the bottom of the room.
    • Fixed typos
    • Added counter and transition animations
  • Chancellor Dammah
    • Fixed the ability to purify some instances of the Sick counter
    • Added a delay to the corner portal attack
  • Chief Beisa
    • HP: 250K -> 175K
    • New failsafe for loot that spawns out of bounds
  • Treasurer Gemsbok
    • Variety of fight changes and additions to help bring him up to par with other minibosses
  • Oryx 3
    • Fixed invulnerability not working during portal and line beams taunts
    • Fixed Oryx not checking if enough damage had been dealt to trigger the outro during his Desperation Move stagger
    • Fixed typos

Ancient Ruins

In the last producer’s letter, we promised an “Ancient August.” As one of many things we’re doing to help improve and expand the early game experience in the near future, a brand new dungeon will be released in the highlands! The Ancient Ruins, a sandy new dungeon designed by UGC member Sturky, will be on its way quite soon, and we’ll have bigger teasers next week!

Who’s that dungeon boss?