Beep, Boop. Beeeeep!

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Hello Realmers,

Something went terribly wrong at the Mad Lab!  Dr. Terrible’s experiments went, once again, sideways and the tech he was trying to import from other dimensions is now available for the taking of the heroes who dare to enter not only the lab but High Tech Terror as well. Even the mighty affected by this disturbance in the space and time continuum. And beware of the transformations that might affect you while you explore the most advanced facilities of the Realm…

High Tech Terror and Mad Lab will be dropping 1.5x loot and exp from Thursday, the 22nd July at 12PM UTC, until Monday, the 26th July at 12 PM UTC.

In addition, the following skins will have the chance to drop from the respective bosses:

Dr. Terrible

  • Robo Brain Pet Skin
  • Random Mad Scientist Skin
  • Hoverbot Pet Skin
  • Blorph the Archer Skin


  • Healbot Pet Skin
  • Leech Robot Necromancer Skin
  • Exploratory Bot Paladin Skin
  • Tricycle Bot Pet Skin
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