Realm of the Mardi Gras

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Party Realmers,

While Mardi Gras is a bit late this year, it’s still happening! We didn’t want to overwhelm you with tokens this year, so it’s taking place under the name “Carnival of Love” and you will be able to reuse your leftover Hearts and Love Letters and collect new ones. Love is still in the air, after all, and carnivals can incite passion in those so predisposed.

From 02/18/21, 12:00 PM until 02/22/21, 12:00 PM you will be able to acquire tokens in the following locations:

  • Puppet Master’s Theatre: Heart x 5
  • Puppet Master’s Encore: Love Letter x 1
  • Additionally, Leviathans will have a chance to drop Heart x 2.

Puppet Master’s Theatre and Encore will grant 1.5x the loot and XP.

Both Puppet Masters will also have a chance to drop Totally an Orange Bag and Totally a White Bag, with the boss in Encore also having a chance to drop a Trickster Mystery Skin.

You will be able to use the tokens in the following quests:

Carnival of Love I:

Love Letter x 20
Mark of the Puppet Master x 2

Choose one of the following:

  • Mask of Anubis
  • Mask of Lightning
  • Mask of Cnidaria
  • Mask of Mucus

The quest can be completed once per day.

Note: Since last year, the masks’ transformation effect is disabled, but it will return for a special occasion SoonTM. In the meantime, tell us if you would like it to be permanent!

Carnival of Love II


  • Love Letter x30
  • Mark of the Puppet Master x4

Rewards: Choose one of the following:

  • Mardi Gras Jester Skin
  • Puppet Master skin
  • Jaco Pet Skin
  • Ordinary Box Rogue Skin
  • Queen of Misrule Trickster Skin
  • Party Crow Pet Skin
  • Flamingo Pet Skin
  • Carnivalmancer Skin

This quest can be completed once per account and will be available until 02/23/21, 12:00 PM.

Community Showcase

Until the end of the event, upload a screenshot of your favorite skin, dye and pet combinations to instagram with the hashtag #RealmOfTheMardiGras! The best outfits will be featured on our blog and Instagram! Stay fabulous!

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