Opening Oryx training grounds

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Hello curious Realmers,

Yey, quite a busy Friday today! We are setting everything up so that you can have an O3 training session on testing this weekend. Yes, the testing servers will be open on Saturday and Sunday to anyone who wishes to train. Just get your testing launcher here (Steam testing environment will not be available). Of course, you might see there are other things that are a bit different when you join, we are testing after all… 

We would also like to share that we have been working on different (tentative) concepts for our new class.
What do you think these could be?

Please Notice: We are aware that some players are maliciously exploiting the HP scaling of bosses and we will be working towards a fix. In the meantime, we want to stress out that this is bannable. We encourage you not to participate in such actions as it will result in a suspension of your account.

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