Public Testing: Presenting Nilshards


Hello curious Realmers,

You might be here to learn about the new Nilshards or to find what you’ll be able to see at this weekend’s Public Testing. Or both. We would definitely go for both. When can you expect them to be released? Well, we are public testing them… so let’s say “Pretty Soon.” We want to try it out and see not only if it works well, but also maximize fun and their usefulness for all you.
Please note that using admin items on testing will lead to your account being banned.


In the ancient times, before Oryx was born, the paladins who guarded the Realm discovered a strange but mighty powerful source of energy: The Void. Being wary, and guided by the old precepts of the angelic realms granted to them, they developed a way of channeling the Void into crystal-like forms.

They called them “Nilshards,” as they were made of the rare Nil material.

Nil was forbidden for a long time, mostly due to the disappearance of the paladin church and all the problems it caused during the “White Titan Project,” where the Void Entity caused havok.

However, back in the times, Nilshards were used for a variety of purposes.

The first one is crafting Ores, which will provide materials for your craftings. The Blacksmith will gladly change stacks of Nilshards into Ores depending on their rarity.

Ore Naming

With the introduction of Nilshards, the Blacksmith had to sit and explain to us we have decided to change the name of the Ores themselves to better reflect the material type they grant, as we got to understand the Ores’ properties a little bit better.

Acquiring Nilshards

Nilshards would be obtainable in Packages and through other sources, which are still under discussion. In the Public Testing you will have access to a Nilshards Package if you want to try them!


Back in the day, before Nilshards were forgotten from existence, elixirs, tonics and other consumables distilled from them were commonly used, and the paladins would use them to enhance their battle capabilities and sustain long, difficult battles when defending the Realm.

Few can forge them today, as the crafts of the old paladin church are seemingly lost. However,  they seem to be a piece of cake for the Blacksmith, if you provide her the right amount and rarity of Nilshards, and a little bit of Forgefire.

*Note: The values and crafting recipes are still under development, so they could change as the Blacksmith perfects her craft using this long forgotten material.

“Standard” Nildrops

They provide a stat boost for 5 minutes, and also clears negative status effects when you apply them. The stat boost depends on the Nildrop color.

They can be forged with Rare and Epic Nilshards.

“Minor” Nildrops

They are a lower version of the standard Nildrops. They also provide a (smaller) boost for 5 minutes but they cannot clear your status effects. Still, they’re a great way of accelerating your early game.

They can be forged with Common Nilshards.

“Special” Nildrops

They are hybrid versions of the standard Nildrops, born from the Blacksmith’s experiments. They require rarer Nilshards, but they provide a stronger boost to two attributes simultaneously for 5 minutes, also clearing your negative status effects on usage.

They can be forged with Legendary Nilshards.

New ST’s

We have two new amazing sets for the Knight and Necromancer!

Cuboid Necromancer Set

Nordic Knight Set


We have made a few balancing tweaks to Belladonna in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Here’s what changed:

  • Reduced the radius of Bella’s berry bombs
  • Reduced the damage of the Bella Bud wiper attack (150 -> 100) in exchange for a short Stun effect
  • Fixed the rare possibility of a stacked shot occurring when the wiper attack transitions to its faster mode.

Item Changes

  • Perennial Cranium
    • Heal: 25 -> 40 HP
    • MP Cost: 130 -> 115
    • Cooldown: 2 -> 0 seconds
  • Hanagasaku
    • Explosion Range: 3 -> 3.5 tiles
    • MP Cost: 120 -> 110
    • Vitality: 4 -> 9

Both UTs have had slight sprite changes.

Valentine’s Day Resprites

  • Heartstruck Bow
  • Quiver of Dazing Love
  • Cupid’s Garments
  • Ring of Unbound Love

16×16 Skin

The Gardener

For this year, we are introducing a new encounter for Belladonna. His name is “The Gardener” and he is ready to take on all the Public Testers this weekend. 

You will find this new encounter in the Realm around St. Valentine’s Day. However, this is an exclusive opportunity for trying it!

“The Gardener” will spawn somewhere in the highlands after defeating all the cyclops gods in the realm. But watch out, or you might get soaking wet and have your clothes covered in pieces of green and pink balloons! 


St. Patrick’s Day is another important event in the realm. Around this time, the little aes sidhe will roam alongside the realm. They love to travel between planes and they tend to be very difficult to corner, but how great of a reward they can grant you if you achieve it!. 

However this time we’ve ensured it’s up for a fair fight and its escape mechanics have been tweaked. We hope you have some free time for Leprechaun chasing and we definitely expect you to have better experience with him than previous years! 

The Leprechaun will spawn in the midlands two times per realm, once after Red Demons are defeated and a second time after Ghost Kings.

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