Development Update

Producer's Letter

Realm of the Mad God Unity Version 0.3.6


Sound and Music system has been the main focus and it is implemented in this version, we are looking at adding more variety in the future. Additionally the goal was on getting the art for tooltips implemented as well as making them work as expected with all stats and details displayed correctly. Laying the ground work for the remaining user interface elements. Check the list below for a full overview.

  • All sounds implemented (including new sound effects)
  • Dyes & Cloths working
  • The new Tooltips Art style
  • UI: Tier information
  • GUI: Booster Indicator and Tooltip
  • Tooltips: Implement viewport detection and offset tooltip if out of the screen
  • Sounds options (volume, disable weapons sound)
  • The new sound effect upon death

Bug fixes

  • Build crash on some Windows machines
  • Wrong condition effect icon position
  • Wrong speech bubble depth
  • Particles don’t work on Eye of Marble Colossus
  • Health bars sometimes shows the wrong value
  • Loot Panel – Not usable background isn’t updated correctly
  • Duplicated pets object when hatching a pet
  • Wrong pets size
  • The wrong scale on objects that are shot as a projectile
  • Sometimes tooltips are rendered wrong