Development Update

Development Update

Realm of the Mad God Unity Version 0.3.2


With this version, we introduced all class abilities and fixed bugs that were connected with it. We also implemented effects that are used by abilities and finalized the Oryx II fight. This version includes several bug fixes as well as the implementation of the Pet Wardrobe.

Change log

  • Player can use incantations and properly play Wine Cellar
  • Condition effect icons and floating texts
  • Pet Wardrobe
  • Bags should blink before disappearing
  • Show tier information on items icons
  • Level up logic
  • Refuse popup
  • Update to Terms of Service and Privacy Popup
  • Samurai ability
  • Ninja ability
  • Sorcerer ability
  • Trickster ability
  • Mystic ability
  • Huntress ability
  • Necromancer ability
  • Assassin ability
  • Paladin ability
  • Knight ability
  • Warrior ability
  • Priest ability
  • Wizard ability
  • Archer ability
  • Rogue ability
  • Wrong portal name on GUI
  • Add missing walls
  • Show condition effect icons on enemies and player
  • Ring effect
  • Lightning effect
  • Heart effect
  • Healing effect
  • Collapse effect
  • Skins
  • Choose Pet – Popup
  • Wardrobe – Popup
Bug fixes
  • Chat is accepting break line character
  • Wrong mouse handling when using potions
  • Wrong scale of archer arrow when using special ability
  • Missing particle effect when using archer special ability
  • Wrong position of archer arrow when using special ability
  • Can’t use abilities that teleport player
  • No floating damage on Destructible Castle Wall
  • DC Enemy Hit
  • Fountain effect has fewer particles than flash