Development Update

Development Update

Realm of the Mad God Unity Version 0.3.1


The main goal for this sprint was to get the core loop of the game implemented, which is essentially entering the realm, closing it, fighting Oryx and getting back to the Nexus with your loot. We also managed to finish up the missing pet related topics, as well as a good chunk of bug fixing. Please find a more detailed if not exhaustive list of changes below.

Change log

  • Pets UI
  • GUI Quest
  • Tooltips: Pet
  • UI: Security Questions Popup
  • Basic Pet functionality
  • Pet Caretaker
  • Teleport an appear in Oryx Castle
  • Oryx Castle dungeon can be played properly
  • Oryx Chambers Dungeon
  • Yard Caretaker – Info Popup
  • Pet Yard – Pets popup
  • Flying Pets
  • Hide health bar when enemy is invincible or object is invulnerable
  • Make sure icons are included
  • Show floating text when condition is applied
  • Pet Hatch, Feeding, Fusing, Following
  • Care Taker NPC and UI
  • Checking if Oryx dies to update UI
  • Character Info panel refactoring
  • Toggle Quest UI
  • Showing quests requirements
  • Update quests requirements
  • Quest Arrow
  • Family class
  • New Ability – popup and socket message
  • Quest tooltip
  • Pet Evolve Info popup
  • Condition effects from projectiles
Bug fixes
  • Wrong initial scale of enemies that scale up during battle
  • Don’t scale HP bars, floating texts and all UI elements in character
  • Outline issue on bars
  • Error during pet yard upgrade – first session
  • Fame bar display issue
  • Problem with Clockwork Golem
  • Can’t destroy blocks in Oryx’s Castle
  • DC when using Kazekiri
  • Pet Bubble projectile – wrong speed
  • Projectiles harming invincible causing DC
  • Wrong quest arrow position on screens different then 800×600
  • Wrong sprite on animating objects