Development Update

Development Update

Realm of the Mad God Unity Version 0.3.0


In this version, we set up the groundwork required for all of the Pet features, additionally we synchronized the version with the current Flash release to get all the latest changes tested and see if anything breaks. Find all the changes listed below!

Change log

  • Adjust player options
  • Import missing assets from flash
  • Pets Preparation
  • Realm Quests UI
  • Update object size during gameplay
  • Show version number on start screen
  • Improve error handling in registration form
  • Registration form should also send account name to backend
  • Character not centered on game screen when using classic UI
  • AOE Effects
  • Create a cache for sprites to improve performance

  • Pet Yard Upgrade info popup
  • Flash Effect
  • Pet Yard – Info popup
Bug fixes
  • Error after selecting character
  • Game freeze after death
  • Wrong “z” offset when scale is applied to object
  • Update position error
  • Game freeze randomly