Development Update

Development Update

Realm of the Mad God Unity Version 0.2.0


This was our first initial internal release for testing after all ground work was finished. A lot of work went into the optimized rendering engine as well as establishing the core features. The z dimension was causing us a lot more grief than we were hoping for 🙂 Additionally we worked in the first player facing features such as options and changing resolutions, refresh rate and UI on the fly.

Change log

  • Characters – smooth movement
  • Zoom in / Zoom Out feature
  • Full screen (incl. Fog of war)
  • Tooltips – add missing item properties
  • Show Condition Effect (Slowed, Curse, Stunned and etc) + floating text
  • Ground Tiles and Tiles properties
  • Backpack
  • Create equipment object – implement missing properties
  • Mini Map Teleport Functionality – UI
  • Chat message
  • Player stats/conditions
  • Options Menu Implementation
  • All Chat commands implemented
  • Basic Particle implementation
  • Fog of war – part 2 (particle, walls, and 3d objects) – new behaviour
  • Add default equipment and slots in character class
  • Add base options/handlers to in-game settings screen
  • Implement GUI
  • Implement Teleport functionality
  • Fame Overview – Panel
  • Update assets in Nexus
  • Characters Metrics Tracker
  • Fame Bonus Stats
  • Fame Tracker
  • Players List on GUI
  • Attribute section on GUI
  • Player Tooltip
  • Player options
  • Second/Special attack
  • “Blood” effect
  • Resolution selection
  • Offset Camera based on the mouse cursor
  • Allowed chat options (i.e. block whisper, block below x stars)
  • “z” implementation
  • Add “z” to particles
  • Add “z” to projectiles
  • Reduce draw calls/check GUI components
  • Pet Yard map
  • Display pets on a map
  • Add General settings
  • Add Video settings
  • Optimize and unified sprite loading methods
  • Adjust shaders to new assets format
  • Atlas loader for all assets
  • New handling for animations
  • Clean up old code and references
  • Ensure all assets from flash are imported
  • Player can access PetYard
  • Yard Caretaker – Interaction with object
  • Console – Interaction with object
  • Pets Model
  • Teleport Effect
  • Throw Effect
  • Different sizes for particles
  • Pet – Interaction with the object
Bug fixes
  • Enemies sometimes stay on screen after death
  • Projectiles that use “z” are sorted wrong
  • Socket disconnect when we have a lot of objects/enemies on map
  • Game freeze when player dies
  • DCs on some tiles
  • Blood Component causing DCs
  • Missing enemy texture – Snake
  • In some characters direction animation is missing